Vivo S16 Pro Review: Smart Design and Performance


The vivo S series has always been the main portrait selfie, which is very popular among the younger generation of users. The vivo S16 series released this time brings double-sided soft light and brings jade glass technology in design. In terms of performance, it adopts Dimensity 8200 processor, which has a relatively bright performance. Next, let us have a good time together Get to know vivo S16 Pro.


The vivo S16 Pro has two colors black and Yan Ruyu. The one we got is a very beautiful version of Yan Ruyu. In terms of feel, the glass back cover of the vivo S16 Pro feels very delicate, and the sapphire back covers with some scattered textures really feel like jade.

Being able to make the visual effect of jade on a piece of glass is indeed a visible design intention of the vivo S16 Pro. The rear three cameras of the vivo S16 Pro are arranged vertically, and the original color soft light ring on the right is designed at the top and is basically consistent with the size of the camera.

The front of the vivo S16 Pro is equipped with a 6.78-inch hyperboloid screen, and the frame is well-controlled. Since the screen and the back cover are designed with curved surfaces, and the thickness of the body itself is only 7.36mm, the weight of the body is only 182g. So the vivo S16Pro feels very thin and light when held in the hand.

Yes, the high appearance and thin hand feel are my biggest impression of the design of the vivo S16 Pro. I believe that such color matching and design can also meet the requirements of its target group of users.


Although it focuses on selfies, the vivo S16Pro has also ushered in an upgrade in terms of performance, and the Dimensity 8200 processor, which continues its excellent reputation, is also arranged. As we all know, the vivo S16 Pro equipped with the Dimensity 8200 processor did perform well in our tests.

The running score of AnTuTu reached 878942 points, the single-core running score of Geekbench 5 was 989 points, and the total multi-core score was 3735 points.

In terms of games, “Glory of the King” has 120 frames and high-definition picture quality. After half an hour, the average frame rate reaches 118.93 frames, and the average power consumption reaches 4.5W. At this time, although the phone body is hot, it does not affect the grip Hand feel.

Facing the more challenging “Yuan Shen”, the average frame rate was 57.62 frames in half an hour, and the average power consumption reached 5.75W. From the frame rate graph, it can be seen that in the first 15 minutes, it can basically maintain full frame operation, and then as the temperature of the phone rises, you can obviously feel the frame rate drop, but overall it is still relatively smooth.

The vivo S16 Pro has a 4600mAh battery in such a thin and light body and supports 66W flash charging. There is also an A-port charger that supports up to 66W fast charging in the package. According to our actual measurement, starting from 3% charging, it can be charged to 33% in 10 minutes, 59% in 20 minutes, 78% in 30 minutes, and fully charged in less than 50 minutes.


Since it is the main Selfie, the vivo S16 Pro is naturally unambiguous in the configuration of the front lens. It directly uses the Samsung JN1 as the main camera of some models as the front lens, and also supports autofocus. However, it is not enough to have a high-quality lens. If you want to take a good selfie, you must have light!

The vivo S16Pro cleverly hides two soft lights in the 1.75mm wide frame at the top of the front, which does not destroy the original beauty of the phone, but also ensures enough soft light for selfies.

It is worth mentioning that the vivo S16 Pro defaults to the classic beauty algorithm when taking selfies. Of course, you can also personalize specific parts such as skin smoothing, skin tone, and whitening in the beauty algorithm. In addition to beauty, you can also choose different styles of makeup effects, even if you don’t have makeup, you can still take makeup effects. In addition, the vivo S16 Pro also provides selfie poses as a reference, which can be said to be very considerate.

In low-light scenes, the two front soft lights of vivo S16Pro come in handy. You can also take a look at the comparison between not turning on the soft light and turning on the soft light in a dark light environment. Without the blessing of soft light, the photos can be said to have no details, and it is easy to blur. With the soft light, the girl’s face is naturally brighter, with more details and less noise. It is worth mentioning that in terms of video, the vivo S16 Pro front lens also supports 4K/60fps video recording, which is better than some high-end Android flagship phones.

In terms of the rear camera, the vivo S16Pro is also equipped with a 50-megapixel Sony IMX766V, which supports full-pixel focusing and hummingbird super anti-shake, as well as an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens.

The performance of the main camera of the vivo S16 Pro is satisfactory in daytime and dark light environments, and the details presented are rich enough, and it is cropped to twice the size to shoot portraits. Thanks to the optimization of the algorithm, it can also show very good results.

The imaging quality of the ultra-wide-angle is average, and the image quality is acceptable when the light is sufficient, but it is stretched at night when the light is not so sufficient.

In terms of video, the vivo S16Pro has done a good job of taking selfies. With the blessing of dual soft lights, the front selfie effect is good enough, and the rear main camera is also given IMX766V, and the album also supports XDR display technology. For S For the series, the video experience has reached a new level.


Vivo S16 Pro has found its own position. Not only does it have a high appearance, but also through excellent hardware configuration and algorithms, it also enables its users to take photos with a super high appearance. This is actually the vivo S series. Stick to what you’re doing. In addition to this, vivo S16 Pro continues to deepen its strength in terms of performance, and the blessing of Dimensity 8200 can also allow it to satisfy selfies and enrich consumers’ gaming and entertainment experience.

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