Vivo S7 Leaked: Light and Thin, Selfie Flagship, Front Dual-Camera Lens


Those things about the digital blogger exposed the Vivo S7 offline promotional materials photographed by local. The exposed photos showed that the vivo S7 is the flagship “lightweight selfie flagship”. “A new era of ultra-clear selfies is about to start. ” Heralds the upcoming release of vivo S7.

The “sneak run” offline materials suggest that the vivo S7 will be greatly improved in the direction of selfies, so as to achieve the effect of “super-clear selfies”. The software and hardware may be upgraded simultaneously, and the positioning of the “flagship of thin and light selfies” may be the highlight of this new phone. It’s not just a selfie, it should be a comprehensive upgrade.

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The previous generation of vivo S6 focused on dark scene selfies, and the soft halo function of the screen combined with software algorithms realized that even at night with limited light, you can get advanced selfies with beauty blessings, and sales have exceeded 100 after the launch.

Let’s make a bold guess here. The vivoS7 may directly use the front camera that only the top flagships have. Compared with the S6 series software-level selfie blur ability, the vivoS7 may be directly equipped with a front dual-camera lens, bringing it to young people Physically powerful selfie experience.

From the picture, we can see that the new vivoS7 series phone is ready to be launched in the warehouse. Since the machine will have an amazing performance in self-portrait clarity, it seems that the machine also has plans for the annual selfie flagship.

Obviously, the unreleased vivoS7 is like standing on the shoulders of giants in terms of selfie performance. In less than half a year, vivo has developed a more cutting-edge selfie solution for the S7. Such a rapid iterative ability of selfie images is inevitable. People admire.

Judging from the leaked news of the netizen, the vivoS7 series will have a huge improvement in front selfies. The S series has always been synonymous with fashion beauty and high-quality selfies. The vivo S7 series front selfies have been greatly improved. Although it is reasonable, it also has Unexpectedly.


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