Vivo TWS Air Pro Semi-in-ear active Noise Cancelling Headphones Official Announcement


Vivo announced today that it will release the world’s first semi-in-ear active noise-cancelling headphones, vivo TWS Air Pro.

As can be seen from the official poster, the appearance design of the Pro version is basically the same as that of the vivo TWS Air. The position of the open cover cleverly adds a smart waist line, bringing a refreshing surprise design.

Generally, it is difficult for semi-in-ear headphones to have both noise reduction functions, but vivo TWS Air Pro solves the problem of comfort and noise reduction, ensuring the comfort of wearing while having noise reduction.

For reference, vivo TWS Air has a built-in 14.2mm sound unit with bio-carbon fiber diaphragm and pure copper coil, providing a good sound effect for a product in its price range.

In terms of battery life, the battery life of this headset is only 4.8 hours, and the theoretical maximum battery life is 25 hours with the charging box, which can meet the use needs of most users.

In terms of price, the first sale of vivo TWS Air is 169 yuan, vivo TWS Air Pro due to the addition of noise reduction function, the price should be increased.


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