Vivo V1 ISP Chip Revealed In a Comparison With Snapdragon 888


After being developed for approximately two years, the smartphone manufacturer Vivo has inaugurated the presence of its first image processing chip (ISP), named Vivo V1. This custom imaging chip is designed to enhance the photography capabilities of Vivo phones.

Vivo’s executive VP and COO in China, Hu Baishan, said that the V1 development took 24 months, and more than 300 employees of the R&D center for innovative image processing technologies were involved in the process.

According to the manufacturer, the Vivo V1 is the first fully adaptable integrated processor designed for image and video processing. Besides, Hu Baishan stated that this chip will debut in the X70 line of phones that will launch in September 2021.

Now a famous Chinese leakster “Digital Chat Station” has revealed a photo of the Vivo V1 ISP chip, and compared it with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip in volume. He also revealed that in addition to the production of this V1 chip, it is done by Vivo itself, and the function is not limited to images.

It is reported that the ISP (Image Signal Processor) is mainly used to process the image signal output by the Image Sensor. As the core device of image processing, ISP plays a decisive role in the final imaging style and quality of Smartphone cameras.

According to Hu Baishan shared, it takes a long time for the chip itself to transform from positioning and IP to design. Vivo takes a two-year cycle for each generation of the chip. Vivo V1 has been planning for mass production conversion from 2 years ago, while the next generation of chips will be Started planning a year ago.

Hu Baishan said that the chip is divided into four stages, including the conversion of soft algorithms to IP (image processing), the design of the chip itself, the tape out of the foundry, and packaging and output. On V1, Vivo is currently in the first stage. The chip design itself and the tape out are not very good in the short term, and it is in the stage of cultivating capabilities.

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