Vivo V19: It’s Special in Many Ways


We’re seeing a large increase in smartphones focusing on specific features lately. We have gaming phones with high performance and active cooling, but smartphones in this category are usually large and have bad cameras. We also have phones that are geared towards mobile photography, but performance may not be something you can expect from them either.

The Vivo V19 is something different. It is a smartphone that stems from Vivo listening to the needs and wants of its customers. It is easy to recognize how Vivo V19 is special in many ways.

Big Battery, Compact Design

If you are looking for a daily driver capable of handling all of the tasks you throw at it, the Vivo V19 is the phone you want. The 4.500 mAh battery may not be exceptional, but it comes paired with Vivo’s 33w FlashCharge, which means you can top up the battery in just a few minutes.

A 4.500 mAh battery is powerful enough to keep the phone running for an entire day and then some. When you do need to charge the phone, you can use the included charger to get to 54% of battery in less than 30 minutes.

A Capable Performer

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 SoC that is powering this phone is not to be taken lightly. It is a 10nm processor, so it can crunch through apps and games without wasting power. It also has a built-in AI chip which powers a lot of Vivo V19’s AI-based features.

On top of that, the Snapdragon 712 comes bundled with Adreno 616 GPU, so you can play any game that is available for Android today and the phone will not break a sweat. The immense performance is further enhanced by 8GB of ultra-fast LPDDR4X RAM.

You don’t even have to worry about the internal storage causing a bottleneck, because the storage used by Vivo V19 supports UFS 2.1. You get 128GB of internal storage out of the box.

Mobile Photography, Supercharged!

Don’t let the high-performance fool you, though. This phone still comes with an array of sensors that makes mobile photography and videography even more enjoyable. For starters, you get a 32-megapixel dual front camera module for crisp and beautiful selfies.

You also get quad-camera combo that allows you to produce 48-megapixel photos at incredible speed. Features such as AI scene detection and Super Night Mode certainly make using the main camera of Vivo V19 a breeze.

In fact, the camera modules are featured in the Vivo V19 highlight as one of the main features. To make sure that you can view your photos and videos with great saturation and details, the phone is equipped with a Super AMOLED Ultra O screen.

For those who capture a lot of video, you will also appreciate the Ultra Stable Video and Selfie Video feature, which basically uses all of the sensors and power of the phone – including the AI chip – to stabilize video in the most difficult situation.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, it is easy to see how the new Vivo V19 is special in so many ways. There is no such thing as a perfect smartphone, but the Vivo V19 comes very close to offering everything you would ever want from one.


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