VIVO Watch Will Announce on September 22


On one side is the saturation of the smartphone market, and on the other is the rapid growth of smartwatches.

Worldwide shipments of smartwatches rose 22.7 percent last year from a year earlier to 92.4 million units, according to data research firm IDC. Apple Watch alone sold more than 30 million units, more than all the Swiss Watch brands shipped.

Such an attractive big market, naturally becomes a major mobile phone brands to compete for, so that Vivo formally launched this market.

Vivo announced on Sept 14 that the Vivo Watch smartwatch will be released on Sept 22.

Judging from the official poster, the Vivo Watch smartwatch appears to have a round dial with at least two physical buttons.

At present, the Vivo smartwatch model of WA2056 has been certified with 3C certification and supports audio playback. The manufacturer is Dongguan Huabei Electronic Technology Co., LTD.

Industry insiders said that with the acceleration of 5G era, AIoT has become the core power point of technology enterprises, and smartwatches play a very important strategic position in the layout of the whole AI+loT.


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