Vivo X Fold 2K/120Hz E5 Screen Unveiled


Vivo X Fold, the company’s first flagship foldable screen, will be unveiled on April 11.

This morning, Vivo unveiled the specs for Vivo X Fold for the first time on the reservation page on the company’s website, showing that it will be equipped with an E5 foldable screen with a 2K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, which is almost the strongest foldable screen.

At the same time, today’s booking interface also revealed the full appearance of the machine, which shows that the machine’s internal folding giant screen will be perforated, with the forward-shot opening located in the center of the right half.

The outer screen was also unveiled, again with a perforated center screen and a hyperboloid scheme, almost identical to the larger flagship Vivo X Note announced today, while the curved screen also improves touch and operation on a thicker folded body.

In addition, the sliding physical buttons on the bezel of the larger flagship Vivo X Note are also present, providing a much easier way to switch between ringing modes.

Vivo X Fold, codenamed “Butterfly,” will feature a built-in snapdragon 8 processor, according to Phone Arena. It has an 8.03-inch screen and a 6.5-inch screen, and a 4,600mah battery.

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In addition, Vivo X Fold will feature a 3D ultrasonic fingerprint element for the first time, which will bring a better user experience. Different from the traditional short-focal fingerprint recognition technology, 3D ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology can greatly save the internal space of the phone, occupying a very small volume.


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