Vivo X Fold Smartphone Leaked


Photos of a mysterious foldable phone leaked online today, and based on the upcoming release of the foldable phone and the font in the picture, it could be the rumored Vivo X Fold.

The photo is still one of our favorite subway photos. From the point of view of the photo, the phone in the photo has a thick security shell, and it looks like the crease control in the middle is pretty good, so you can hardly see it.

The X Fold, Vivo’s first flagship phone with a foldable screen, will be released next month, code-named “Butterfly”, according to previous reports. Vivo insider revealed that the foldable phone will have a big technological breakthrough in the core component “hinge”, and the product performance is fully comparable to Huawei and Samsung.

According to Ross Young, Vivo’s first foldable phone will feature an 8.03-inch LTPO 120Hz screen covered with UTG ultra-thin glass. According to digital blogger @digichat today, Vivo X Fold features a center-centered single-hole curved exterior screen, a full-focus four-shot rear screen, and no side fingerprints.

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It is worth mentioning that Vivo X Fold has been approved by TENAA and has been certified as 3C, meaning it is not far from the market.


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