Vivo X23 VS Smartisan Nut Pro 2S Camera Comparison: The Difference is 1500 Yuan


The rear main shots of the Nut Pro 2S and Vivo X23 phones are respectively 12MP + 5MP double shot and 12MP standard lens + 13MP wide-angle lens. In terms of the effect of shooting, the Nut Pro 2S can be said to be quite excellent in the 2,000-yuan ($291) mobile phone.

The vivo X23 is sold for 3,498 yuan ($509), and its appearance is quite beautiful, so the camera effect of the vivo X23 is easily overlooked. Today, Kekejun took the nut Pro 2S and vivo X23 for outdoor landscape/macro proofs comparison and looked at the difference between the two mobile phones with a price difference of 1,500 yuan ($218).

On the camera hardware, the vivo X23 can be said to be quite special, because it uses the standard lens + super wide-angle lens configuration, rather than the traditional standard lens + telephoto (portrait) lens configuration, so it is shooting landscape When using a photo, the effect of the super wide-angle lens will be noticeable. At the equivalent focal length of the lens, the standard focal length of the vivo X23 is 29mm, and the equivalent focal length of the wide-angle lens is 15mm. The equivalent focal length of the nut Pro 2S is 27mm.

In shooting, the autofocus of both phones is faster and more accurate. In terms of imaging, we mainly tested photos of landscapes and macros in outdoor environments. The photos taken by vivo X23 (standard lens) and nut Pro 2S have no obvious difference in definition, but in terms of automatic white balance. There are obvious differences, and the nut Pro 2S seems to be slightly more accurate.

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Since most of the photos taken are in AI mode, the Smartisan Pro 2S is more obvious in the sky blue than the vivo X23. In addition, the Vivo X23 15mm super wide-angle lens can shoot a larger range, but in terms of clarity, the lens edge imaging is relatively poor. Click to open the video to see how the outdoor effects of the two phones compare.

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