Vivo X25/OPPO R19 Qi Exposure: Pop-Up Camera, Optical Screen, Fingerprint


In order to achieve a more comprehensive full-screen effect, manufacturers such as Vivo and OPPO launched a variety of lift camera phones in 2018, such as Vivo NEX and OPPO Find X. According to the latest news from peoples, this flagship design will continue to the X and R series of vivo and OPPO, and according to the naming rules, the corresponding should be vivo X25 and OPPO R19.

According to the news released by Weibo Digital blogger, There are accessories factory open mold data display, the next generation products of OPPO R series and vivo X series will adopt the lift camera design. Moreover, the lift camera design used in the vivo X25 and OPPO R19 is similar to the vivo NEX, except that “one is the front right corner and the front is the front and rear center.” At present, it is not clear whether it refers to the front and rear cameras are on the same lifting module.

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In addition to the new design, the Vivo X25 and OPPO R19 will work on the fingerprints. The accessory manufacturer’s mold opening data does not have a rear fingerprint opening, so both phones may use the latest optical screen fingerprint. OPPO has just released a light-area screen fingerprint technology, its fingerprint recognition area covers the entire “golden area” of the thumb touch screen, unlocking more convenient, the official claims that it will be commercialized in 2019, OPPO R19 is likely to carry this technology.

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