Vivo X27 Review: World Best Pop-up 48 Megapixels Camera Phone


Previously, the vivo X9s changed directly to the Vivo X20: the two have undergone a qualitative change, the new 18:9 full-screen appearance, the vivoX20Plus has a screen fingerprint version and the series’s first dual-photo blessing. The author thinks that the vivo X series will only enable the hopping naming whenever it encounters a major product form upgrade or change. Does Vivo X27 have unusually large iterations relative to X23?

So what kind of improvement does X27 have? The first is that the water drop screen has been upgraded to a zero-screen full screen. After eliminating the forehead, the screen ratio of the mobile phone screen has a very significant leap. The front camera is placed in the light effect lifting module, and the rear dual camera evolves to 48MP. Super wide angle of three shots.

The significance of the broader dimension is that the emergence of vivo X27 will mean that one of the dominant models in the offline high-end mobile phone market today has already bid farewell to any form of bangs such as bangs and water droplets, which will definitely be designed in the shape of iPhone. The stagnant barrier takes on the responsibility of promoting the aesthetics of smartphones.

Design & Appearance

The vivo X27 we got is the color of the bird feather blue. The outer packaging of the vivo X27 inherits the old tradition of realistic sketches, which directly depicts the outline of the product on the front of the package. Seeing the “zero-screen full screen” and the electric lifting camera structure in front of me, this familiar scene reminds me of the moment when I lit the screen of vivo NEX last June. there is no doubt that the vivo X27 completely eliminates the bangs’ screen and the electric lift camera structure thanks to the exploration made by NEX.

A rare rectangular screen with no gaps, no bulging bulges, and recesses, and finally disgusted with water droplets, bangs, and sliders, but people who suffer from insufficient budget have a satisfactory choice of screen form. Looking at the details at the top of the screen, you can see that it is different from the vivo NEX we have evaluated before. It is based on the consideration of large-scale shipping, replacing the front screen vibration sounding scheme of vivo NEX with a normal earpiece. But even with such compromises, vivo hides it at the junction of the frame and the glass cover of the screen. It has almost no sense of damage.

As we said before, the vivo X27, a lifting camera module with LED lighting effect, is particularly attractive throughout the fuselage. However, it should be noted that the lamp here is purely decorative. It is not equivalent to the fill light used in the previous vivo. When the camera is called, it will flash instantaneously, which makes the front camera module rise and fall even more. Cool. In addition, it also has no LED breathing light, which makes people somewhat unaccustomed. The Vivo X27 in our hands is made of the blue color of the bird feather blue. At first glance, it feels natural and transparent. At present, some swords are slanting on the gradient road, and the color of the earth is different. Its color looks a lot more fashionable and artistic.

It can be seen that the X27 also introduces the texture of the feathers. The radius of the cross-section of the back of the fuselage changes continuously and is smooth and smooth. The layers of the fuselage flow are varied, the details are rich and soft and delicate. According to the official official, the coating thickness increases from 40nm. Above 400 nm, the thickness deviation is controlled to be between ±5 nm. On the rear three-camera camera layout, the design of the vivo X27 is very interesting. It does not follow the existing model-like design of Apple, Huawei and other manufacturers that are familiar with the industry, but the digital that we are familiar with. The camera was imitated.

It can be seen that the three camera modules on the back and the glass on the back are completely integrated into the back of the fuselage in the black base transition. The vivo will be called the “cloud multi-focus camera module”, although it may sound unknown. Therefore, this form is milder and more unique than the current “iPhone like” and “explosion-proof shield”. Familiar with the small partners of vivo mobile phones, it is easy to find that the body thickness of the vivo X27 is “not very vivo”, it is no longer thin and light, compared to previous models, it is “fat” a lot, the thickness of the whole machine reaches 8.95 mm, and the weight is also “Fertilizing” to 188 grams.

“Becoming a little fat man” is the price that the vivo X27 uses for a 4000 mAh battery, a lift-up front camera, and the oversized IMX586. Although the vivo X27 has been trying to avoid this look through a variety of visually clever designs. However, compared with the previous ones, the contrasts of the past are more obvious. The vivo X27 retains the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack. The bottom of the fuselage X27 is divided into speakers, Type-C interface, microphone and card slot. Finally, the vivo X27 finally used the Tpye-C interface! This is the first mobile phone in the history of the vivo X series to use the Type-C interface! Everyone who spit out the Micro-USB finally said goodbye. With the offline overlord to promote the Type-C interface with a large amount of volume, I believe that the day of full domestic popularization can be expected.

Hardware & Performance

The standard dual Nano-SIM card slot does not support expansion card storage, but the body comes with 256G enough to use. Third, the performance: Snapdragon 710 blessing Antu rabbit 170,000 points standard flagship processor. Unsurprisingly, the vivo X27 uses the Snapdragon 710 processor. After all, it is a model that requires a large number of shipments and distributions in a short period of time. It is obviously unable to meet the target demand of the Snapdragon 8 series within a short period of time. So I chose the more realistic Snapdragon 710.

About Snapdragon 710, we have had a more detailed introduction before. It has a 10nm process, Kryo 300 series CPU, Adreno 600 series GPU. In addition, there are multiple IPs including Spectra 250 ISP, Hexagon 685 DPS and X15 LTE baseband, all derived from the 800 series flagship processor. The Snapdragon 710 is also equipped with the Kryo 360 core with the same architecture as the 845. Its CPU core architecture is completely ahead of the 835 generation. The two Kryo 360 710s of the 710 are up to 2.2GHz. The six Kryo 360 small cores can guarantee daily use. Power saving.

The new Adreno 616 graphics processor is the second 6-series Adreno GPU after the Adlonno 630 of the Snapdragon 845. Compared to the 660, the Snapdragon 710 GPU graphics rendering speed is increased by 35% and power consumption is reduced by 20%. In addition, the vivo X27 is also equipped with 8+256GB of large memory, storage space, running the latest Android9.0 system.

Performance Score Test

Master Lu: You can evaluate and compare the five core hardwares of CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and display. It is more suitable for ordinary white users to understand mobile phone related information.

Antutu Introduction: The world’s number one mobile phone/tablet hardware performance evaluation tool can comprehensively examine the performance of all aspects of the device including the user experience, and visualize the ranking. Support multiple mainstream platforms, running points can be compared across platforms.

About GeekBench: A cross-platform CPU performance test tool that accurately reflects the single core and multi-core performance of the device CPU. The test load simulates real-life application design, and the results are more meaningful. It can also measure the performance of GPU graphics.

Introduction to GFXBench: Cross-platform, cross-API 3D benchmarking software that accurately reflects the graphics performance of the device GPU. Multiple test scenarios can fully examine the OpenGL ES graphics performance of the device and enable battery life testing.

Vivo X27 ran a high score of more than 210,000 points on Master Lu, and ran a high score of 17.4 and 180,000 on Ann Bunny, but compared with 14 or so Ann Bunny of many previous Snapdragon 660 equipment. Running points is already a far higher upgrade.

2, PCMark test

Introduction to PCMark: PCMark is a test software that considers the comprehensive performance of the whole machine. It can accurately reflect the processing performance of the daily use of the mobile phone, and multiple daily test scenarios, such as web browsing, video editing, document writing, photo editing, etc. Perform a battery life test.

It should be noted that PCMark’s running point is biased towards energy consumption, that is, the higher the power consumption and performance of the more balanced mobile phone score.

It can be seen very clearly that the PCMark running of the vivo X27 runs out of 6,671 points, which is roughly equivalent to the ones in the picture.

3, Androbench test

About Androbench: AndroBench is a benchmark application that measures the 4K random storage and storage performance of Android devices, including internal or external storage. The continuous reading speed is around 498MB/s.


Photographing has always been the focus of the vivo X series, and the vivo X27 is not promising. This time it is equipped with 48 MP wide-angle three-shot, and the rear main camera has 48 Megapixels, a 1/2.0-inch photosensitive element, f/1.79 large aperture, which is very embarrassing from the parameter.

Next, let’s take a look at our real proofs.

The above is a set of macro proofs, which can be seen to bring high-definition large-scale movies with super high resolution when the ambient light is sufficient.

The X27 upgraded the super-backlight that was previously well received on the X23. In the extreme backlighting environment seen above, the output is bright and detailed, and the tone transition is natural. The petals in the backlit environment are natural, clear and bright.

The vivo X27 is equipped with a 13-megapixel 120° super wide-angle lens. As shown in the above picture, if we can’t meet the shooting needs of ordinary mobile phones in front of the magnificent buildings, the X27’s large wide angle will come in handy.

As shown in the figure above, you can get a wider view by turning on the super wide-angle mode in the camera. At the same time, in order to adjust the distortion and distortion of the edge of the wide-angle lens, the X27 clearly corrected the picture.

As shown above, the vivo X27 also features a 2.5cm super macro function. When the camera lens is close to photographs such as flowers and plants, it can automatically and accurately focus quickly and record many details.

In the dark environment, the 4 pixels of the IMX586 form a 1.6μm large pixel to maximize noise reduction. Automatically recognize and recognize the shooting environment and prompt to turn on night scene mode.

It can be seen that in order to break through the mobile phone to shoot the ceiling in the night scene and low light environment, the vivo X27 is equipped with a super night scene. Quickly shoot 12~16 photos, automatically select frames to achieve dynamic compensation, and achieve nighttime photos with low noise and pure picture in dark light environment.


Vivo X27 uses a 4000mAh ultra-large battery, combined with the excellent 7-nanometer process of the Snapdragon 710, it is expected to bring excellent endurance performance, and then through actual tests to see how it lasts.

I use the Bilibili client to play online barrage video, 70% brightness, 50% volume, starting from 100% power, lasting 60 minutes, remaining power 92%, power consumption 8%. According to such a power-down rate, it is not a problem to pursue 12 hours in this environment.

The author chose a lot of mobile games for the player, “Jesus Survival: Stimulate the Battlefield” for game testing, and the default quality and frame number for the game.

Starting from 93% of electricity, the game is 30 minutes, the remaining power is 86%, and the power consumption is 7%. According to this estimation, in this test environment, playing “Stimulus Battlefield” can last for about 6 hours.


The vivo X27 is equipped with a vivo flash charge to flash with a maximum charging power of 22.5W. Combined with the 4000mAh large battery can be said to be able to let the user completely say goodbye to the fear of no electricity. Next, we started the charging test, connected Wi-Fi, and did not insert the card. Charge from 5%, record once in 10 minutes, and take 100 minutes to fill.

User Interface

Vivo’s Android deep custom ROM – Funtouch OS has been making fine-tuning and make-up changes in the long-term period since its birth, without any complete changes. This time it was rare to make a breakthrough in the design elements. Many UIs have been redrawn.

This is mainly because it covers a wider audience and it is easy to increase learning. However, the changes made by Funtouch OS 9 this time are obvious and diverse. Compared with the previous generation, it has done more functional evolution and increase. After I started, I was conscious of the most practical and innovative is the new global dark mode.

As shown above, we can see that when “dark mode” is turned on, the system will change the interface color from the bottom level. This effect can make the screen of the mobile phone not glare when it is used at night or in the bed, and it can also help save power according to the characteristics of the A screen.

After testing, not only pre-installed system-level applications, the dark mode in the vivo X27 system also controls Weibo, WeChat, Taobao, Jingdong, QQ, which are used by third-party apps with extremely high frequency. The application of the model will be more and more, and for now, it is enough to deal with the daily mainstream application. According to the vivo official, it has been adapted to nearly 300 applications, capable of intelligently distinguishing videos, games, and photos.

With the upgrade of FuntouchOS 9, Vivo’s voice assistant Jovi has also evolved. Just wake it up, you can collect across the APP platform, after collection, there are label classification, keyword search, voice reading, and other functions. In addition, real-time bus services and sports services have been added.

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In the Vivo X27, we have seen the shadows left by many of its explorers, NEX. For example, the zero-screen full-screen and transparent-effect lift cameras are all mature and decentralized after the revision and improvement of vivo NEX.

However, with the advanced start-up design, standing on the background of the serious homogenization of the smartphone, it is very aggressive and avant-garde. So, this is another radical evolution and change since the birth of the vivo X series. However, based on the radical shape design architecture, the vivo X27’s positioning for itself is still very clear. Its outward appearance of the unique color of the feather texture, multi-level gradient light effect, etc., so that the value of the face is still its main dominant feature, not lost.

What’s more, after the appearance innovation, the X series has always been proud of the camera has also improved, its standard wide-angle three-shot, the rear main camera used the 48 Megapixel flagship sensor IMX586, through our sample also It can be seen that regardless of day and night, telephoto macro, the strength has indeed been upgraded. It is also worth noting that the vivo X27 has also been blessed with a large battery of 4000 mAh. With the 22.5W fast charge, it is undoubtedly freed from the state of fear of insufficient battery in daily use.

It is worth mentioning that vivo finally boldly used the Type-C interface for the X series. With the offline overlord to promote the Type-C interface with a large amount of volume, I believe that the day of full domestic popularization can be expected. In addition, it also retains the 3.5 mm traditional headphone jack, which is worthy of praise. If the predecessor vivo X23 is conservatively focused on a few focus such as color matching and camera, then this time the Vivo X27 is undoubtedly a complete radical evolution without any prejudice.

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