VIVO X50 Smartphone First Unveiled with 100 times Zooming


A few days ago, there is a China variety TV show to leak VIVO X50 smartphone. According to the show, VIVO X50 smartphone aims at professional photographing function, similar to that of VIVO X30, it will have a highlight in its camera.

Currently VIVO has not officially announced the specs of VIVO X50, according to netizens, X50 will come with periscope telephoto and big inch light sensor, coming with a screen to support high refresh rate, and its processor is to use Samsung new one’s. lt is said that VIVO X50 will be released in June.

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According to current leaked news, VIVO X50 series aims at photographing, same as that of VIVO X30, as upgraded product, the new phone may come with camera with higher specs than VIVO X30. In addition, VIVO X30 Pro will use 16mm to 135mm focal length film system, and it also has 5 times periscope lens, which can achieve 60 times super zooming. As we know vivo x30 is quite powerful, therefore VIVO X50 will also bring new surprise for us. Will they bring 100 times super zooming?


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