Vivo X60 Series Global Launch with OriginOS


Today, the Official Vivo micro blog announced that vivo X60 series will be shipped as an OriginOS. Compared to the previous operating system, the new OriginOS has improved significantly in terms of design, smoothness, convenience and other aspects based on the actual needs of the user, thus comprehensively improving the user interaction experience.

The new OriginOS operating system was created to address the challenge of more realistically addressing the real needs of the user. OriginOS initiated the new desktop architecture, The Huarong Grid, which allows the user to customize the presentation of notifications and the way the system functions and functions interact. OriginOS’s differentiated scene and visual style is tailored to the needs of different user groups and occasions, while also recognizing the unique personality of the user.

Vivo X60 series on the processor chose samsung Exynos 1080 chip, it can provide 5g in mobile devices, equipment built-in AI technology, high-performance games and multiple strong performance experience, more cameras and immersive VR/assistant XR, intelligent speech recognition, AI enhanced intelligent photography applications such as accurate and rapid identification of objects or test scenarios, besides it can realize the characteristics of low power consumption and high performance, multimedia entertainment performance and experience will be improved.

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As the standard of The X series image flagship, the anti-shaking micro yuntai technology on Vivo X60 series has also evolved into the second generation. The anti-shaking effect is better, and the shooting task under low light intensity can also be completed better. With the optical lens jointly developed with Zeis, the photo quality of vivo X60 series is well worth looking forward to. Vivo X60 series will still be represented by “Big cousin: Liu Wen, and more information about Vivo X60 series will be successively exposed before the launch, let’s look forward to it together.


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