Vivo X70 Pro+ , the World’s First Four anti-Shaking Camera Debuts on Sept.9


Vivo X70 series will debut on September 9.

Vivo product manager Zhao Dian unveiled some details of the new product today.

Zhao dian pointed out that the X series has been equipped with ultra-stable micro head, which brings the anti-shake ability of the phone to a new dimension.

This time we want to go one step further in “anti-shake”. In addition to continuing to upgrade the micro console, we also added XX anti-shake to the other cameras of X70 Pro+.

As a result, Vivo X70 Pro+ has become the industry’s first four-shot full focal segment with XX anti-shake coverage of the image flagship, from ultra wide Angle to ultra telephoto, the real anti-shake do extreme. Internally, we also joked that the X70 Pro+ is a real anti-shake phone.

In addition to anti-shake, Vivo X70 Pro+ is also the world’s first phone with an original Zeiss glass lens.

As one of the world’s few hundred years of optical brand, Zeiss has a very deep image strength, especially in the lens, Zeiss is the industry leader.

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Now Zeiss has teamed up with Vivo to bring a new imaging system to the X70 series, and Zhao said the imaging test results of Vivo X70 Pro+ kept colleagues awake.


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