Vivo X70 Series will Launch with its first V1 Chip


Today, Vivo officially announced its own chip V1, which launches by Vivo X70 series.

Vivo V1 is an image chip. Earlier in the media conference, Vivo executive vice president Hu Baishan introduced that Vivo V1 is not only a special specification of integrated circuit chip, but also a concrete implementation of Vivo chip strategy over the years, which can simultaneously serve users’ needs under the application of photography and video.

Vivo V1 chip took 24 months to develop and involved a team of more than 300 people, Hu said.

From this point, we can also see that Vivo attaches great importance to the strategy of developing its own chip. It has not only invested a huge amount of money, but also become an important means of continuous development of the company in the four long tracks of design, image, system and performance.

In addition to Vivo V1, Vivo X70 series is super shock-proof. Vivo product manager Zhao Dian pointed out that Vivo X70 Pro+ is the industry’s first four-shot full focal section have anti – shake coverage image flagship, from ultra wide Angle to ultra long focal, really anti – shake to do the ultimate.

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Vivo X70 series will debut on September 9.


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