VIVO X9 VS Xiaomi MI5S Full Review, Which One is Better?


On November 16, VIVO released VIVO X9 smartphone with dual front camera and moonlight to show quite excellent photographing performance. As we know, Xiaomi MI5S is also a nice shooter smartphone, so both are good at taking photos, but which one is better, VIVO X9 and Xiaomi MI5S?

As current two famous Chinese flagship smartphones, both have apparent difference in design, specs, and main features. Let’s compare their specs first.


According to comparison, VIVO X9 and Xiaomi MI5S are similar in screen resolution, RAM, ROM, Battery, network and camera. But the main difference between them is the performance, photographing, OS, design, color, features, etc.


VIVO X9 and Xiaomi MI5 both adopt metal unibody, but different in back design. Xiaomi MI5S uses traditional metal three-step design, but VIVO x9 uses the style of Iphone 7. Of course, they have difference in details.


The main highlights of Xiaomi MI5S design is the front body with fingerprint scanner on the Home button, but this home button adopts the non-pressed design like iPhone 7 and Oneplus 3 with non-port ultrasonic fingerprint scanner,


Xiaomi MI5S back design still uses three-step metal back cover with CNC wire drawing metal craftsmanship, the edge of the back adopts the curved design with four colors, The back visual effect is good.

The highlight of VIVO X9 is in light, thin and sleek design with 2.5D curved glass and fingerprint scanner on the home. Besides all metal body, it takes U style antenna like iPhone 7, covered with Corning Gorilla 5th screen with ultra thin frame.



According to appearance comparison, Xiaomi MI5S is equipped with Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the home button, but the metal back cover is a little heavy, which is more suitable for female users. But VIVO X9 looks like iPhone 7 more, which is more popular with young users. In appearance, we think VIVO x9 is more excellent.



Xiaomi MI5S is powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, RAM 3GB/4GB ROM 64GB/128GB, it has got 150K antutu scores, which belongs to the flagship level. But VIVO X9 is powered by Snapdragon 625 processor, coming with RAM 4GB ROM 64GB, it only has 63K antutu scores.


VIVO X9 Antutu


Therefore, in terms of performance, Xiaomi MI5S can win over VIVO X9, for those playing large games, we highly recommend Xiaomi MI5S.


Xiaomi MI5S adopts 12MP back camera with largest CMOS Sony sensor which has reached the excellent flagship level, but VIVO X9 is mainly for taking selfies, equipped with 20MP and 8MP dual front camera with moonlight, the best selfie shooter until now in Chinese smartphones. Obviously, Xiaomi MI5S back camera has advantage, but VIVO X9 front camera can win. Therefore, they both have their own features.


Xiaomi MI5S run MIUI 8 OS, the advanced version supports 3D touch function, but VIVO X9 is not excellent in OS,  compared with MIUI 8 OS, it has some gap.


Xiaomi MI5S is built in 3200mAh battery,  VIVO X9 with 3050mAh battery, but Xiaomi MI5S has better performance and larger power comsuption, so it needs larger battery, Both can support quick charge. So they have no much difference in battery life.


Xiaomi MI5S has standard version and advanced version at 1,999 yuan and 2,499 yuan accordingly. But VIVO x9 only has one version at 2,798 yuan, both have large price gap.

Other Features

Xiaomi MI5S has other features such as ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, 3D touch, ultra sensor camera, NFC, 4G, etc, but VIVO x9 has nice features in HIFI sound quality, moonlight, etc. They both have their own features we enjoy.


Xiaomi MI5S has some advantages in performance, OS, price, etc, but VIVO X9 aims at light and thin design, beautiful appearance, taking selfies, etc. So which one is bettery, VIVO X9 and Xiaomi MI5S? If you are looking for a smartphone in higher performance, not pursuing higher selfie taking within 2,000 yuan, Xiaomi MI5S will be the first choice. If you like listening to music more, taking more nice selfies, etc, we recommend you can choose VIVO X9.

Compare the price from the following stores:

Xiaomi MI5S  3GB RAM 64GB ROM Silver at $318.99 (flash sale)     Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB ROM 128GB at $389.99  (flash sale)  

Xiaomi MI5S RAM 3GB at  €324.99  Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB at €389.99

Banggood:  Xiaomi MI5S  3GB RAM 64GB ROM at 292.99usd    Xiaomi MI5S 4GB 128GB at 449.89usd

Geekbuying:   Xiaomi MI5S RAM 3GB ROM 64GB at 292.99usd    Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB ROM 128GB at $467  (flash sale)  


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