Vivo Xplay 7 Exposure: Scary 10GB Storage + TOF 3D Super Induction Technology


This year’s Vivo is still very good, not only announced several black technology features but also connected to nearly 100% of the full-screen design of the mobile phone, so in the market attention, vivo is still very hot, but then say Come back, although vivo has released the NEX phone, according to market exposure information, Vivo’s next flagship phone is coming soon, and the next flagship phone is nothing else, it is vivo XPlay7, although only Exposure, this news has caused the netizens to blast the pot, because many people have just started the vivo NEX, now the vivo XPlay7 is exposed, does it mean that the vivo NEX is outdated?

According to the information exposed on the market, the vivo XPlay7 is still very powerful. In the front design of the new phone, the vivo XPlay7 will not adopt the design of the vivo NEX, but adopt the design of “true full screen”.

The design is very narrow, perhaps many people have doubts, if you do not use the telescopic lens design, then how to do some of the front sensors, and according to the exposure news, vivo XPlay will use the screen sensor technology, this technology is still very Powerful, you can hide the price of the front lens, earpiece, and sensor in the screen, that is to say, this design can make the front screen of the mobile phone better, but it is very difficult, I don’t know the vivo. I will not be a pioneer again.

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Let us look at the information that Vivo XPlay7 is currently exposed: first, the appearance, this time will use the “true full screen” design, the configuration will be equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor, this should be the second this year of vivo The machine, it is worth mentioning that the new machine will have a 10GB+256GB version, but according to the news, this 10GB shipment may not be the same as everyone thinks, because it is shipped with 4GB and 6GB. The combination of memory, that is, vivo XPlay7 may support two originals, this is still relatively new, and in addition to the camera, vivo XPlay7 will still be very good, in addition, the sound quality will be greatly improved.

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