Vivo Z5x Review: With Triples Cameras and Snapdragon 710 For Amazing Price


Vivo involved in a cost-effective phone can be said to be reasonable, but unexpected. And the Vivo Z5x we got this time put the configuration of Snapdragon 710 and the full-screen full screen on a thousand yuan machine. Once again, I was “stunned”. It can be said that the vivo Z5x bears this. The price range should not have the value and configuration. In fact, in addition to the above-mentioned points, vivo Z5x has also surprised me in many aspects, completely subverting the image of the thousand yuan machine in my heart.

Design & Appearance

The Vivo Z5x is equipped with a 6.53-inch pole full screen, which is what we call the “hole” full screen. This is the first point that shocked me. I want to know that this design is usually a hard-core configuration with a model of 3,000 yuan. It can be directly released to the body of a thousand yuan. The big factory can have strength. This extremely comprehensive screen is very savvy, not to mention the novel design sense, just to rely on the more shocking and unobstructed full-screen display effect, you can conquer many people.

The “digging hole” in the upper left corner is only 4.59mm in diameter, and the “hidden” front camera with ultra-small aperture is placed underneath, which is good for the sake of functionality. Not only that, but the vivo Z5x is also very good in the control of the frame, basically continuing the fine tradition of family design. Especially after lighting the screen, a more complete full-screen experience, you must experience it yourself.

In order to achieve such a stunning full-screen effect, the vivo Z5x also features a hidden earpiece and sensor. Usually, do not pay attention, may not find, the design of this detail is a lot more points. Not only that, the rounded corners of the screen are almost the same as the arc of the four corners of the fuselage, which can make the edge of the screen “extend”, and the screen ratio is as high as 90.77%.

Next we will talk about the back of the fuselage, still familiar with the sleek style, the body is filled with gentle arcs everywhere. The top left corner of the fuselage is equipped with three shots and flash, and the vertical stripes under the flash add a touch of agility to the back. In the middle is the fingerprint identification area. After a small series of measurements, the finger can basically “step in place” and unlock without pressure.

The vivo Z5x has a large battery of 5000mAh, which basically eliminates all the “power phobia”. According to the vivo laboratory test, the Z5x can continuously conduct 4G calls for 31 hours, watch videos continuously for 14 hours, and enjoy the glory of the king for up to 10 hours and standby for up to 28 days. With such a powerful power, the vivo Z5x also maintains a body thickness of 8.55mm, with a rounded frame and 3D backplane, further enhancing the feel, no heavy feeling. For a thousand yuan machine, we really can’t ask for more!

Hardware & Performance

I don’t know what everyone thinks. Xiaobian doesn’t have any particularly high requirements and expectations for the performance of a Mid-Range Phone. After all, everyone understands the truth of a penny. However, this time, vivo can really not follow the routine, a Mid-Range Phone is actually equipped with the Snapdragon 710 processor, the appropriate high-end chips, people once again lament the money is really good! However, the mouth said nothing, and it is still necessary to go for a run.

After the running of the rabbit, the vivo Z5x score was 172,971, of which the CPU score was 67346, the GPU score was 49607, and the UX score was 46404. This kind of performance is indeed worthy of the mid-to-high end configuration, and it is even more eye-catching in the thousands of models. The Snapdragon 710 chip CPU has a maximum clock speed of 2.2GHz and has an Adreno 616 PC-class graphics processing GPU. The overall performance is 20% higher than the previous generation, and the GPU performance is improved by up to 35%. It can be said that all kinds of large games are not in the face. The words are coming.

In order to actually experience the game performance of vivo Z5x, Xiao Bian specially downloaded a mobile game called “QQ Speed” which is the main screen and racing. After the high frame rate mode and multi-threaded rendering are turned on, the vivo Z5x does not show any stagnation or dropped frames. The picture is not only clear and smooth, but also very easy to operate. In terms of memory, Z5x has a maximum storage capacity of 8GB+128GB, with a 5000mAh battery and 18W dual-engine flash charging, which can make your mobile phone resurrect anytime and anywhere, and you can abandon the charging treasure when you go out!

Not only that, the addition of vivo Multi-Turbo technology allows the system to optimize the experience from multiple dimensions such as games, cooling, AI, games and the underlying central core resources, regardless of the game’s open loading speed and runtime frame rate. can all be soaring all the way. With 4D game sound and 3D surround sound, you can bring an immersive gaming experience. In addition, the game assistant can also block calls, notifications and other information, giving you more immersive gaming experience.

Taking pictures on the ultimate photo “AI”

When it comes to taking pictures, it is an activity that is loved by men, women, and children, regardless of age. In this respect, vivo is more skilled and functional. The vivo Z5x is equipped with an AI super wide-angle three-shot solution consisting of a rear 16MP HD main camera, 8MP super wide-angle lenses and 2MP depth of field lens. With an ultra-wide-angle view of up to 120 degrees, you can take a stunning picture and record the beauty of life. The mouth says nothing, then let’s use a set of proofs to actually experience it.

Super wide angle is not turned on
Open super wide angle

How can I take more shocking photos in the face of big scenes? The answer is the super wide-angle mode. From the comparison of the two photos, you can see that after the super wide-angle mode is turned on, the screen accommodates more content, and the screen has more tension and shock. This kind of photo is a circle of friends, and you can definitely get a lot of praise!

Especially when shooting buildings, the super wide angle can create a taller and taller effect, and the sculptures in the picture are more artistic under the blue sky. In addition, even if the contrast between the picture and the screen is large, there is no overexposure, and the picture is highly tolerant.

In addition, with the backlight HDR algorithm of vivo, you can shoot clear and bright photos without fear of complex environments. Even if you are facing the sun in the picture, the face is still clear and bright, and the background is very clear, and the whole is very harmonious.   Not only that, but the vivo Z5x also has a large aperture portrait mode. After opening, it can achieve a large aperture background blur effect similar to SLR. From the proofs, we can see that even the messy hair does not appear to be inaccurate. The blurry background highlights the texture of the portrait, so you can easily shoot the artistic photos!

Next, let us enter the room, a large glass curtain wall so that the light in the room is extremely complicated. However, the vivo Z5x still balances the relationship between highlights and shadows. The overall picture is bright and clear, and the details in the dark are still clearly visible.

Not only that, but the vivo Z5x also has a night scene mode, which can increase the amount of light entering the screen after opening, and make the picture clearer and brighter through the multi-frame synthesis algorithm. From the proofs we can see that even in the case of all black, the picture is still clear and beautiful, the details of the building are well preserved, and the picture is pure and noisy.

In addition, even in the complex and complicated light source, the performance of the Z5x is still remarkable. The lanterns in the picture are bright and clear, and there is no overexposure or darkness. The night scene is very good.

Know your system is more “AI” you

Vivo Z5x runs the new Funtouch OS 9 system based on Android 9. The interface is not only beautiful but also practical through the new optimization of the full screen. The simple and stylish large color block design, combined with the negative information center of this screen, can more easily obtain information such as push and express weather.

Not only that but also the independent Jovi button on the side of the fuselage, able to call out this intimate and powerful little assistant. Whether it’s checking information, watching the weather, or even translating the content on the screen, it can do it for you.

This magic Jovi button works in any scene. When you browse the web, it can help you find the content on the analysis screen, filter the keywords for further search; when you are reading English content, it can translate for you; when you want online shopping, it can Search for maps, so you can pick them up.

Intelligent translation

Jovi’s “One Click Experience” greatly enhances our efficiency, reducing the number of complex operations and making it smarter and easier. In addition, physical buttons are more widely used than voice control, and for some shy me, it is simply too convenient!

As I said before, the Vivo Z5x can be said to have exceeded my expectations in all aspects. Of course, this is not only because of its value and configuration but more importantly, on the thousand yuan machine, vivo still maintains its own consistent standards. The soft and hard combination is a fine tradition of vivo, which is also reflected in the system, camera and AI. If in your mind, the thousand yuan machine is still the impression of the “standby phone” then I think the vivo Z5x may let you have a new understanding of it.

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Verdict & Buy

Overall, vivo fully considers the needs of the user community: love scan code, love sharing, love life. Then vivo will be optimized according to your needs, but it is more humane.

The Vivo Z5x still has 15% of the remaining power, and the battery life of the 5000mAh battery is still quite obvious. As the first screen-opening mobile phone of vivo, the vivo Z5x excels in system adaptation.

In terms of taking pictures, the addition of a super wide-angle lens also brings more fun. As the latest product of vivo Z series, the price of vivo Z5x is once again improved. For users who have the need for battery life, Vivo Z5x is worth buying.

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