Voopoo Argus Air Vs Argus GT Comparison Review


Voopoo Argus Air Pod Kit is the new case system from Voopoo which supports both replacement 3.8ml (Standard Cartridge) and 3.8ml (Pod Cartridge). It is the latest reformist vaping unit system, has an intrinsic astonishing GENE.AI chipset, can shrewdly recognize the twist, and matches the power. viable charging will keep you stacked with energy for steady vaping. The Voopoo Argus GT Kit is another astonishing authentic box mod and sub-tank combo with two or three natty features. It is the latest mod unit from the notable maker Voopoo. It incorporates a harsh and ergonomic structure, in any case, it’s not waterproof as we have seen from the Aegis line.

Display and Design

The Voopoo Argus Air’s structure is astoundingly in general very easy to take with you in a rush. Voopoo Argus Air incorporates a 0.54 OLED screen, Made from calfskin and zinc compound. Argus Air feels staggering in the hands and is more solid. The blend of metal and calfskin that suits the serious external condition and the whole arrangement is charming both ostensibly or in contact totally. Argus Air has an innate 900mAh battery with a snappy charging of 5V/2A Type-C, successful accusing makes you overflowing with energy for predictable vaping. Argus Air maintains button start mode and pneumatic mode, and any mode will give you a lot of fogs quickly. The e-cigarette works with a fire button internal breath system, crushing the catch on the front will convey the e-cigarette. This vape has an internal battery of 900mAh and a unit cutoff of 2ml for your optimal e-liquid.

Voopoo Argus GT pack comes in 5 unmistakable styles The mod is astonishing. The body is made of magnificent matte-finished zinc composite. The cowhide region makes the Argus GT rather like it has a spot with the Aegis plan. The red obscuring to dull paint looks fantastic and the cowhide surfaces and nuances are generally created. I don’t know whether Voopoo uses real calfskin on it, yet it sure pleasing to get a handle on. At 51.3mm x 26.1mm x 132.1mm. In like manner, this uses 2×18650 batteries which are prohibited from the unit. The body is delivered utilizing Zinc Alloy and Leather and the unit consolidates a shockproof complete case for when and about.


VOOPOO Argus Air Pod hides a Gene.AI chipset which is sanctioned by a consolidated 900 mah battery. The notable electronic chip thusly perceives the resistance and sends the correct power. VOOPOO offers an experience where pleasure wins: Forget the settings and let the Argus Air Pod manage the settings. With a most extraordinary force of 25 watts and an Oled screen, the VOOPOO Pod Argus Air is gone to getting number 1 in vaping! On the top of the Pod is a 3.8 ml cartridge offering filling from the side and totally practical with PnP insurances comparable to or more significant than 0.60 ohms! VOOPOO successfully communicates the thought by offering a superfluous cartridge joining an impediment of 0.8 ohms.

Voopoo Argus Air

The Voopoo Argus GT Kit takes twofold 18650 batteries and blazes from 5W to 160W. You should purchase the 18650 cells autonomously. Snap here for a conclusive 18650 battery direct in 2020. The advanced GENE.TT chipset updated from the GENE.AI chip gives a super brisk ending movement and offers the sharp mode and TC mode. Other than that, you get a colossal clear screen that shows all the information you require including the battery life, wattage, voltage, deterrent, puff clock, and puff counter.

Voopoo Argus Air

More Features

The VOOPOO Pod Argus Air goes with a 3.8 ml cartridge. The last has a filling from the side and can get PnP assurances equal to or more essential than 0.60 ohms. Exhaust who need to show up at the point will have the alternative to present the ensuing cartridge. The latter is moreover filled from the side anyway has the demeanor of being unimportant. The consolidated resistance of 0.8 ohms ensures a vape well off in flavors! VOOPOO’s Argus Air Pod is perfect. Intuitive and moderate, this best in the class unit can satisfy all vapers.

Voopoo Argus Air

Voopoo Argus GT made gigantic waves with the appearance of the PnP Pod Tank. In the chronicled background of vaping, a tank began things out, by then a few years earlier cases (also called. cartridges) came out, which overpowered the vape business.

Voopoo Argus Air


 VOOPOO Pod Argus Air and Voopoo Argus GT Kit, the ideal mix of lightweight and execution made for outside fans. At the point when you have endeavored the lighter, more shrewd, and more functional Voopoo Argus GT Kit, it is profoundly impossible that you’ll actually need to return once more. Both are the best. Get Both of these from Voopoo Officials.


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