Voopoo Drag Max Vape Vs Drag X Comparison Review


Voopoo Drag Max Vape breaks the importance of ordinary vape contraptions, which is an age making twofold battery device with an appealing atomizer. Ideal, for one thing, flavor chasers, cloud chasers, and DIY sweethearts. Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod is started up to a liberal 80W and takes a 18650 battery. It likewise takes 2A charging through its USB-C Port. In case we’re searching for something else and inventive the DRAG X ought to have the option to give only that. The customizable wind stream on the Drag Pod Mods is the best and most progressive movable wind current I’ve seen on any Pod Mod to date.

Plan and Display

Voopoo Drag Max Vape is an epochal twofold battery gadget with an appealing atomizer. It is compelled by twofold 18650 batteries with a 5-177W force run. Made by metal and calfskin, it is outrageous and delicate. The brand starting late upgraded GAME.FAN 2.0 chip gives Drag Max some inventive cutoff points, for example, 0.001s ludicrous start, amazing stable yield, adept natural.

Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod calfskin area makes the gadget look rather a great deal like it has a place with the Aegis extend, particularly the Geekvape Aegis unit pack. VooPoo DRAG X Pod Mod Galaxy blue mod. Also, The catches on the mod are very commonplace for VooPoo, there is a fire, up and fastens, which are all round and the fire button is marginally indented, to serenely oblige the thumb or finger. It has between the catches is the 0.96″ TFT screen and beneath the catches sits the USB-C Port. More, On the rear of the gadgets, sits a little handle to change the wind current. The wind stream is shaped by two cuts, one at either side of the mod.


Voopoo Drag Max Vape goes with two intriguing styles UI focuses, you can esteem the two subjects with a 1.08 inch TFT disguising screen. Plus, Drag Max gives two modes to fit various needs of vaping: simple to-utilize SMART mode for understudies, sans power RBA mode for fit vapers. It has a general resemblance of atomizer: PnP Pod, PnP MTL Pod, PnP RTA Pod and you can utilize the one you like with Drag Max. It is besides useful with all PnP Coils. The e-juice limit is 4.5ml.

Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod has a significant impact in the framework looking amazing – it’s reasonable, similarly as with most cases. Also, It is clear all finished and it’s to a greater degree a dark shading, instead of the unmistakable white that we are accustomed to seeing with cases. Despite the fact that the case is entirely cool – in the manner it looks and feels – VooPoo hasn’t generally done anything significantly extraordinary. They’ve recently molded it to resemble a tank, and I think it has worked – it looks and feels wonderful.

Voopoo Drag Max Vape

Voopoo Drag Max Vape Another chipset, GENE.FAN 2.0 offers too fast 0.001s start, an extraordinary predictable yield, and hyper-virtuoso understanding. Headway enhancements have additionally been finished on the PnP tank. Imperatively held consistently in places the PnP Tank stage is a genuinely versatile thankfulness to the PnP circle choices.

Voopoo Drag Max Vape

Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod unit mods have a poor movable wind current if any all. Like the VooPoo Vinci Pod Mods, in which you eliminate. Also, The pivot the cases 180 degrees to change the wind current and, after its all said and done you can scarcely see a distinction.

Voopoo Drag Max Vape


Voopoo Drag Max Vape pack is furnishing with an appealing atomizer. DRAG Max Pod is one of the PnP Atomizer Platforms Pod. It has a 4.5mL e-fluid cutoff. Closeness with the full gathering of VOOPOO PnP Coils. It may be refueling or dislodge effectively by pulling it tenderly. Bring a more steady and clear perception. Additionally, DRAG Max is likewise fitting for each Pod in PnP Atomizer Platforms. They can be immediately associated with the contraption strategies for interest. Also, It’s worth an unimportant effort certain PnP Pod framework and different vape encounters. Drag Max will be a finished reaction for execution and solace.

Voopoo Drag Max Vape


Voopoo Drag Max Vape has gone with a 1.08-inch TFT disguising screen for an away from of different vape. The information and organizing in two undeniable styles of UI subjects. Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod is another best product. Both are easily available at Voopoo Officials 


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