Voopoo Drag X and Drag S Comparison Review (New Colors, New Style)


The Voopoo Drag X and Drag S from Voopoo are the freshest adaptations of the Drag family. Voopoo is maybe most popular for its Drag setup of fruitful vape mods. Their cutting-edge plans, clean edges, and alluring boards made them a hit and now Voopoo is adding two new individuals to the family. The Drag X and Drag S are two ‘unit mods’ that are comparable from various perspectives to Voopoo’s Vinci gadgets. They utilize similar PnP loops as the Vinci line and furthermore highlight customizable wattage; 5-60W on the Drag S and 5-80W on the Drag X. In this article, we will perceive What’s the distinction between Voopoo Drag X versus Drag S? How about we look at rapidly correlation audit of both Mod Pod Kit here. Also, NEW metal, NEW leather, NEW style. More, The  Silver+White, Red, Blue, or Drak Grey, which color will you grab?

Voopoo Drag X


Both of the DRAG S and DRAG X look retro and rich. They include the strong combination of compound and cowhide to give an agreeable hold and additional roughness, which is suggestive of the GeekVape Aegis arrangement. As Voopoo asserted that the delicate touch of calfskin can forestall any scratch, wearing, or unique mark. They have the TFT screen that shows the significant vaping information and Type-C charging port at 2A quick speed. The slide switch on the highest point of the mod permits you to change the wind stream.

Voopoo Drag X


Both of the DRAG S cases and DRAG X units are removable and refillable and are gotten attractively into the gadget. The units can be topped off from the base and the loops highlight a basic fitting and play strategy. You can likewise overhaul it to use with a standard 510 vape tank with the 510 connectors in the pack.

The new and progressed GENE.TT chip flaunts 0.001-second terminating speed and considers an intriguing capacity, a ‘Score’ Mode. Will get a score contingent upon the cloud size of each vape. You can travel through various levels from “IRON” to “Lord”, which will carry joy to your vaping experience. You can the fire technique from button actuation, draw initiation, or a mix of both.

Voopoo Drag X

The DRAG S is fueled by a 2500mAh interior battery, and has the most extreme yield of 60W, while DRAG X uses a removable 18650 battery, which is excluded from the pack and flames up to 80W. The two gadgets charge through USB Type-C ports, and none of them support pass-through.

Voopoo Drag X


On the, by and large, the Voopoo Drag X versus Drag S mod case units look incredible and astonishing. They are both spending mod unit packs which are reasonable, Both accompany various specs you can look at. The huge distinction between the two gadgets is the battery and most extreme force yield. The Drag S houses an implicit 2500mAh battery while the Drag X uses an outside 18650 battery. With everything taken into account, Drag S and Drag X are two outstanding case gadgets. Both are easily available at Voopoo Officials


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