Voopoo V.SUIT Pod Kit Vs Vinci Air Vape Comparison Review


Voopoo V.SUIT Pod Kit is a pleasing From Hand to Mouth. Likewise, it is an extraordinary starting POD pack. Its appearance resembles a PEN Kit, and its abilities show up at the rich level of POD. Skin-like lightweight body, inalienable 1200mAh battery, with Type-C brisk charging. V.SUIT will incite another level of touch and flavor knowledge. The Voopoo Vinci Air vape is the most extraordinary case gadget from Voopoo. Rather than the Vinci and Vinci X, the Vinci Air is near nothing and light and has a shape that I’m reliably used to seeing from a case vape.

Voopoo V.SUIT Pod Kit


Voopoo V.SUIT Pod Kit configuration is best to close by. Likewise, Its hold will get a handle on in your grasp. The Charm of Minimalist Style. The consolidated V.SUIT grasps skin-like matte covering measure plastic, which diminishes the weight while keeping up a radiant elegant tendency. The skin-like matte covering makes the shade of V.SUIT very textural, and any concealing held close by is more like craftsmanship. The spotless MTL instance of the PnP stage, with its bionic. Also, setup brings an entirely pleasing MTL experience. All limit settings and the amount of PUFF can be indicated dynamically on the 0.54′ OLED screen. Voopoo V.SUIT Pod Kit is made of plastic with a skin-like matte covering plan.

Voopoo V.SUIT Pod Kit

The Vinci Air vape looks a ton like the Vinci and Vinci X unit mods yet it’s misled the etching as tremendous or thick. It’s simply more restricted than the Vinci at 100.9mm tall yet 18mm essential which is generously thinner. It’s a genuinely hopeless and trim contraption. It feels incredibly superb in my hold and it’s inside and out light too at 80g. Likewise, The body is made out of zinc composite and finished matte paint. It looks striking and it doesn’t hold fingerprints. The corners are totally changed and amass quality is high. Despite being near nothing and light, the Vinci Air feels strong and intense.

Voopoo V.SUIT Pod Kit


Voopoo V.SUIT Pod Kit has a mix of 1200mAh certain battery and Type C blaming gives you a more drawn out vaping experience and more limited charging time. Additionally, It features the Smart GENE chip with a 5-40W adaptable power. Voopoo V.suit can show the vaping data obviously by 0.54 inch OLED screen. Additionally, It’s made of PCTG keeps up a 2ml breaking point with the base filling plan. The Two refreshed PnP circles 1.2ohm PnP-TR1, 0.8ohm PnP-TM2. Additionally, Voopoo V.suit unit is feasible with VOOPOO’s uncommon PnP stage cases, for instance, PnP Pod and PnP circles: PnP-VM1, PnP-VM4, PnP-VM3, PnP-R1, PnP-R2, PnP-TM1.

Voopoo V.SUIT Pod Kit

Vinci Air vape has a unit for the Air has an equivalent mouthpiece as the Vinci and Vinci X yet it is absolutely not a near sort of case; the Air isn’t agreeable with Vinci cases. Similarly, The clarification being the unit for the Air is without a doubt perseveringly slim and rectangular rather than square. The case is thoroughly clear so tremendous on Voopoo here. Moreover, The 0.6ohm turn has a more significant bore and is proposed for standard nicotine juices and DL vaping.

Vinci Air vape has a 900mAh battery which isn’t routinely terrible, yet it is on the more unassuming side. Utilizing the 1.0ohm buoy at 12W I get a handle on the best way to experience around ¾ of a case. This plainly won’t appear as though a great deal yet this accumulated around two days of vaping. Vaping at 12W really doesn’t utilize that much liquid so my juice went far.


Voopoo V.SUIT Pod Kit is the best and freshest item from voopoo. Likewise, it gives you all that you are searching for. The best plan and the best highlights. The Voopoo Vinci Air vape is my overall recognized of the Vinci gadgets. The 0.6ohm contort is tremendous for a confined direct lung vape yet the 1.0ohm circle is the recognize the Air sparkles. Also, Both are best at their own features and design. You can easily buy both of these from Voopoo Officials


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