Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod VS Vinci Mod Pod Comparison Review


VOOPOO VINCI X Mod Pod Kit is the update of Vinci VW Pod Mod Kit which incorporates a variable single 18650 battery (Excluded) and the most outrageous yield wattage is 70W. Furnished with GENE.AI chip to support manual/auto modes to meet particular vaping needs and the fascinating PUFF curve modes will record vaping inclinations for around fourteen days.

Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod

VOOPOO VINVCI Mod Pod is the most modern thing, which goes with earth-shattering chips to present to all of us the all the more amazing experiences. For cloud chasers and flavor chasers, this pack will be the must-have for your arrangements. The case changes the distinctly adaptable ability to arrange circles and present to you an unfathomable flavor. By and by, let’s start our review without any planning.

Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod


VOOPOO VINCI X Mod Pod has the component of the Voopoo Vinci X Kit. It has gotten significantly greater in view of the use of a lone 18650 battery. Nevertheless, its more prominent size won’t cause any issues when you hold it close by. In case you become acclimated with the size of the past Vinci pack and will all in all change to this Vinci X unit, it won’t cost you an over the top measure of time to alter.

Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod

At that point, the genuine load of the Vinci X pack has similarly gotten significantly heavier, notwithstanding a singular 18650 battery. You can feel it unequivocally. However, it is definitely not a load to pass on with. Case system packs are for the most part invited for its limited estimate and pass on capacity, however, then again, it’s condemned for little battery and short reinforcement time. Especially, the current unit packs start to pass on much better return wattage.

Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod

VOOPOO VINVCI Mod Pod the most engaging component of this unit is the new period of GENE.AI chip. Nearby the 1500mAh inalienable battery, it reinforces both manual and auto modes and addresses the issues of different customers. Likewise, the innovative PUFF twist mode records your vaping affinities for around fourteen days, which isn’t a very essential part for most vape units.


VOOPOO VINCI X Mod Pod just goes with the one Pod, it has a 5.5ml cut off and it is smoked, anyway not dull so you can without a very remarkable stretch see the level of your e-liquid. The TPD structure clearly will be compelled as far as possible, in any case, it appears like it’s exactly the same size unit yet with essentially some kind of silicon bung presented, which may be removable? We’ll have to see.

VOOPOO VINCI X Mod Pod has nothing has been changed. Without a doubt, even the component of the battery mod has been expanded a piece. Also, Where you present the unit cartridge despite everything proceeds as in the past. In addition. The in like manner explains for what reason there’s a sideways edge on the most elevated purpose of the mod. In any case, the twist you get from the packaging isn’t comparable. The PnP-VM4 0.3 Ω work circle is what I’ve been using. Also, You in like manner have a PnP-VM1 0.6 Ω work twist as a replacement.

VOOPOO VINVCI Mod Pod has an average clear screen which is approx 0.8in tall and about an enormous part of an inch wide. Anyway, it is to some degree lessening. Especially conversely with the Smok RPM40.


VOOPOO VINCI X Mod Pod Mod The regular fire button, 0.96″ TFT screen show, the modification gets, and USB charging port. Both are best at their own both offer you the extraordinary quality and fantastic. Also, The highlights Voopoo is giving their purchasers the best items. Vinci is littler, the two accompanies auto-enacted and terminated by button; Vinci X has more favorable circumstances of you can without much of a stretch change the battery. Also, It’s terminate easily with button, no auto draw, and max 70W yield. Two items for various clients’ requests. to find out about the two items visit the VOOPOO OFFICIALS


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