Vorke V1 MINI PC Comes Intel Braswell Celeron J3160 CPU RAM 4GB Windows 10 OS


When we are addicted to VR headset, we may think about the other hot product line, Mini PC which plays important role in our smart life which can let our TV enjoy smart Android or Windows OS. Right now we introduce the latest Vorke V1 MINI PC for you which is powerred by Intel Braswell Celeron J3160 Quad core processor. So how is the Vorke V1 Mini PC? We also have never heard this brand before.

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Vorke V1 Mini PC uses Celeron J3160 Quad core 1.6Ghz and 2.24Ghz processor, it packs 2 MB of L2 cache, TDP of 6W and re-GPU HD Graphics 400 under the hood. Meanwhile, it comes with DDR3 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD storage to support 8GB RAM extended and 1TB hard drive expandable. It shows various application such as chatting by skype, using outlook and other office apps well. It supports running Windows 10 OS, so it can play games without limit. What’s more it can support 4K video playing, XBMC and others for entertainment. So Vorke V1 will be the best partner for work and play.



When we are not satisfied with an old TV or the limited tv show, why not using a mini pc such as Vorke V1 to enjoy the latest games and films as the computer? It’s time to let Vorke V1 to let our life and home much smarter. You will enjoy much advantage in its performance, security and reliability. Let’s enjoy more. By the way, don’t forget to use 40usd coupon code: PTKHGWCO for saving more money at $159.99 now.


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