Voxelab Aquila C2 3D Printer For Just $169.99 [30% OFF]


The Voxelab Aquila C2 3D Printer is equipped with a new 32-bit motherboard. The TMC2208 silent driver gives the motherboard silent printing and precise control of the output voltage, ensuring more precision and quiet.

Buy Voxelab Aquila C2 at $169.99 on Aliexpress


Assembling the unit basically involves building the gantry onto the base unit and connecting a number of cables. It’s typical of today’s 3D printer kits, but like all other 3D printers, the Voxelab Aquila C2 has a few unique aspects. It is Equipped with a resume printing function, without fear of unexpected shutdown, saving time and filament. If the power is accidentally cut off during printing, accurate printing can be continued after turning on the power. The portable handle is a really nice touch that makes it easy to move your printer from place to place. While most people don’t move their 3D printers around much, it’s a good thing to have it when you do.


The large display screen is a great addition to the Voxelab Aquila C2 for controlling your printer settings and for selecting the desired print file. It’s really easy to view, with the bright screen, as well as the control wheel to scroll through the options. The “Control” section of the display screen allows easy adjustment of beam and bed temperatures, as well as fan and printer speed. Another parameter that you can change is the number of steps per mm in the X, Y, Z axes and the extruder.


The installation of the Z-axis motor kit and T-threaded rod was a bit tricky. It took me a while to find the right nuts to release to make sure the threaded rod was secure. The build plate requires a decent amount of energy to reach the set temperature. This printer has therefore ensured that it can heat up in just 5 minutes to launch your 3D models. Quiet printing is important when 3D printing at home or in a busy environment. This machine is equipped with a smooth adjustable pulley as well as quiet stepping motors and motherboard to ensure you a quiet printing experience. The Voxelab Aquila C2 comes with a tempered glass plate on top of the heated bed. Having a flat glass plane on the heated bed is a great method to reduce warping issues in your 3D prints. A small stick of glue for adhesion helps prevent the prints from peeling off the build plate. Another advantage of the glass bed is that it gives you a smooth surface that is seen on your 3D prints. Bottom surfaces should also be smooth on your models.

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Where To Buy

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Buy Voxelab Aquila C2 at $169.99 on Aliexpress


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