VPS vs Dedicated, Which is Right For You?


For our projects, web-sites, or web-applications, etc., we may need a server. Now the question is that what should we order? A dedicated server or a VPS? To answer this question, we should check some criteria, so let’s check them one by one.

What Is A Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is created by powerful hardware such as CPU, RAM, Storage, Motherboard, and any hardware required to have a powerful computer. A number of these servers are located in a container called Rack. You may think about the heat these servers produce with each other. Too much heat is a big danger for any electrical device, even for a dedicated server. Heat can decrease the performance of the parts and damage them finally. To resolve this issue, special cooling systems are embedded in each rack and also inside the datacenter.

The datacenter is the name of the place these racks are being kept. Datacenters are special places, and they are very safe because a dedicated server should always operate, even if there is a war, flood, or earthquake. Datacenters also have backup systems for data and electricity (UPS) to prevent any downtimes.

What Is A Virtual Private Server?

As its name implies, it is like a dedicated server but a virtual one. Virtual private server providers get a dedicated server and divide the dedicated server into many parts called VPS (Virtual Private Server). This is made possible by virtualization software such as VMware. Each VPS has its own resources, and just the bandwidth is shared between the clients on a dedicated server.

There is also the case that, unfortunately, some VPS providers do not provide proprietary resources to the user even though they tell users that their resources are proprietary. VPS is as safe as a dedicated server, so sometimes it is called a VDS that means Virtual Dedicated Server. Like a dedicated server, it is possible to install any operating system on a VPS. Of course, it should also be noted that this also depends on the virtualization system because some virtualization systems do not support some operating systems.

Benefits Of A Dedicated Server

  • Dedicated Resources:Compared with a VPS, a dedicated server has completely dedicated resources.
  • Powerful Hardware:It is undeniable that a dedicated server is much more powerful than a VPS due to its full dedicated resources.
  • Safety:Being safe is more possible in a dedicated server. If you have essential data, a dedicated server is a better place to keep it because you have access to a dedicated server.
  • Reliability:Some VPS providers really take care of the servers and do not oversell, but still, a dedicated server is more reliable than a VPS.
  • Ability Of Raid:Raid storage is one of the best ideas to keep the data safe or speed up the server’s data transfer.

Disadvantages Of A Dedicated Server

  • Dedicated Server Price: When you Buy a dedicated server, it may not be affordable for you, as the dedicated server resources are entirely at your disposal, so the price should be higher than a virtual server.
  • Configuration Knowledge:Configuring a dedicated server and finding compatible hardware for the server needs more knowledge.

Disadvantages Of A Virtual Private Server

  • Shared Resources:Unfortunately, some providers do not provide you with the resources you have paid for and share your resources to sell more (Overselling).
  • Safety:Be sure to buy a VPS from a safe provider; in addition to you, the provider can also have access to your service.

Benefits Of A Virtual Private Server

  • Less Price (Cheap Server):If you are a start-up company and want to create a site for yourself, I recommend buying a virtual private server. Buy VPS and get started, you do not have to spend a lot of money to host your site on a dedicated server.
  • No Configuration Needed:You don’t need to configure anything to have the VPS; the VPS provider will do this for you.
  • Reliability:A VPS is also safe if you get it from a reliable provider.


To order for a dedicated server or a VPS, most of the time, is related to your usage. What do you want to use the server for? To start a project, to test a project, to run your website. You should order a dedicated server and pay for it when you need it. If you are starting a project, if you have a website with no visitors at first, you don’t need to buy a dedicated server, so don’t waste your money. Get a dedicated server just when you need its resources.


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