VR BOX vs Baofeng Mojing 3 Plus vs VR Glasses vs Baofeng Mojing 4 vr headset


Since Virtual reality is quite popular currently. Increasing number of manufacturers start to produce its highly competitive VR headset such as VR Box, Baofeng, VR Glasses,etc. When we face so many choices, how can we face? Today we will compare 4 vr headsets to let you know which is best. They are VR BOX,  Baofeng Mojing 3 Plus, VR Glasses, Baofeng Mojing 4  vr headset.


Wearing comfortability

VR Glasses can be worn on head, the strap can be adjusted, it has light weight with sponge glasses washer, so if you wear it, it is very comfortable.


VR BOX is also wearable and can adjust the strap, but it’s heavy with sponge on the glass washer, but it looks higher level but when you wear it, it feels hard in design, but it didn’t design well in the edge of nose. You will feel oppressive, even light-leaking come in from there.


Baofeng Mojing 3 Plus also can be adjusted for head belt,  medium weight, glasses gaskets with sponge,relatively thick,  the lenses are far away from the border to make a bigger space, so even wearable with myopia glasses.


Baofeng Mojing 4 has novel design, covered with adjustable head ring by the upper plastic. The weight can focus on the top of your head after wearing making you feel most comfortable. no pressure on your edge of nose. It can adjust thighness by pressing the button on the top which is very convenient, It takes rubber for glasses gasket, which is also suitable for myopia.



 According to the wearing comfortability, Baofeng Mojing 4 >  Baofeng 3 Plus > VR Glasses > VR BOX 

Installing Convenience

VR Glasses needs to remove the lid when installing mobile phone, then adjusting by suction caps to fix position. It’s not so convenient to use, and its earphone jack is so small, not convenient to insert the earphone.



VR BOX uses the installation like a drawer, use spring port to fix the phone after putting the phone in the lid.  The earphone jack is also small not convenient to insert earphone, maybe it’s designed for that type L earphone port. And the place of spring port is not good because it can be against the phone border to touch the volume button or power button unexpectedly.



Baofeng Mojing 3 takes flip installation using sponge fixing the phone. It has the border to adjust up and down, left and right in the glasses to fix and adjust the phone place. It will also not block the headset port. From the comfortable installation and proper design, it is the best until now.



Baofeng Mojing 4 also uses flip installation, and using sponge and rubber to fix the phone, not hiding the earphone jack, but the place of the phone can not be adjusted up and down.


Installing Convenience: Baofeng Mojing 3 Plus > Baofeng Mojing 4> VR Glasses> VR BOX

Clarity for Watching

VR Glasses can be watched with naked eyes, but it can not adjust curvature, it only can adjust the interpupillary distance, myopia users will feel very vague.

VR BOX has the best watching clarity to adjust each curvature well but also  interpupillary distance.

Baofeng Mojing 3 Plus can be watched with naked eyes so so, it can only adjust curvature in unified regulation, not separately. If you have big difference between right and left eyesight, it will be very awkward. It can adjust  interpupillary distance, coming with two sets of lenses. It’s said one for convenient high-definition movie, the other for convenient playing games, the default is viewing with lens.

Baofeng Mojing 4 can not adjust curvature due to the worst clarity of watching, but it can ajust  interpupillary distance. But it spares much space in the glassed, which can be watched by wearing the glasses to sacrifice the comfortability to improve the clarity.

So Clarity of Watching Rank:  VR BOX> Baofeng Mojing 3 Plus > VR Glasses> Baofeng Mojing 4

Coming with Remote Controller

Baofeng Mojing 3 Plus and Baofeng Mojing 4 both come with a bluetooth remote controller (the black is the controller of Baofeng Mojing 3) which can control the games.


Besides, both have two buttons on the front for power function and back, setting function. Baofeng 3 plus controller has one more button on the front to control other actions.

In conclusion, Baofeng Mojing 3 Plus gives us the best impression and experience according to comparison, not only the rich accessories, but also spare lens and gasket. Baofeng Mojing 4 has nice wearing experience, but VR BOX makes us impressed in its clarity.


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