W32 Binocular Digital Camera Review – For Just €57.28 From TOMTOP


The W32 Binocular Digital Camera with HD Camera combines an advanced binocular system with a high-definition digital camera. Get a close-up view of your subjects and capture the images as high-definition photos or videos. Its optical aperture of 32MM supports 12x optical zoom. If you need it, come and have a try, it will not let you down.


The W32 Binocular Digital Camera combines an excellent all-optical binocular system with a high-definition digital video camera. The LCD display gives you quick control over different functions to capture the perfect photo or video in high definition. Take a closer look at things with a 12x magnification – 32mm aperture binocular system. Can be adjusted in many ways: Eye Distance Adjustment, Focusing, if you wear glasses, you can also adjust according to the instructions in the manual to achieve the best viewing effect. Also includes Photo mode, Video mode, Replay mode, Digital zoom. Wide range of uses: such as hunting, fishing, bird watching, outdoor adventure, surveillance work, or watching concerts, etc.

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W32 Binocular Digital Camera adopts a 270-degree rotating 2.0TFT screen so far, supporting to rotate in any direction to adjust the angle and watch the screen. We recommend the use of Class 10 cards with a Minimum 4GB – Max 32GB )storage space (Not Included). The power must be OFF when installing or taking out the Micro-SD card. Make sure that the card is inserted in the correct direction. Insert the card until you hear the clicking noise. To have safe use of your Micro-SD card please don’t remove it or turn off the power when the card is being read. Always format a new card before using it.

Built-in large capacity lithium battery, you can recharge the battery in time when it is almost empty. Please fully charge the product before use. When the battery is low the LCD display shows a “Battery Low” message and a red indicator light will turn on. After charging is completed, the indicator light will automatically go off. Keep the product in a dry place when not in use.


The W32 Binocular Digital Camera perfect partner for hunts, fishing, bird watching, mountaineering, outdoor adventure, concerts, and other outdoor activities. You can buy it from TOMTOP at €57.28 (Inclusive of VAT) with duty-free shipping.


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