Wackiest and Downright Weirdest Mobile Apps and Games


Most of the mobile apps and games people download are serious business, with a user or player eager to get the most usability or entertainment from whatever’s taking up their precious phone memory.

However, sometimes it can be refreshing to live on the wild side; to try out something dreamed up by a mind so twisted that it resides somewhere between lunacy and genius.

Here are some of the mobile scene’s most weird and wonderful apps. Some will make you belly laugh, others will make you squirm, but all of them are sure to garner a reaction.

Pimple Popper

Everyone will have met one of those strange people who love nothing more than to pop pimples or spots. There are some who even adore skewering those of other people!

The next time you see that extra special person, why not point them in the direction of this rather gruesome game, which allows players to pop spots till they drop? Be aware, the sound effects are absolutely disgusting, unless you genuinely like that sort of thing.

S.M.T.H. – Send Me to Heaven

From one game that has the potential to make you queasy to another that will have you paranoid about your butter fingers costing you dear.

SMTH involves you launching your phone as high in the air as you dare. Just keep in mind that unless you are on a bouncy castle or sand dune, you’ll have to make sure you can catch it. What level of risk are you willing to take to get that all important top score, while jeopardising the safety of your beloved Galaxy S20?

Are you ready to see how high your phone can fly?

Classics Redefined

Sometimes it can be fun to take a classic game that most people know the rules to and mix it up entirely. This has recently been seen with Monopoly who released their very own cheater’s edition of the game, although it is yet to be adapted for mobile.

Another classic is the Texas Hold’em variety of poker, which has many new iterations for players to delve into on their mobile devices. Just a few that come to mind include the easy-to-learn Razz variation and the slightly trickier Badugi.

You would be amazed as the sheer amount of bizarre card game variations that exist

Fake Chat Conversation

Sometimes an app doesn’t have to be game based at all in order to get the attention of your friends, and Fake Chat Conversation certainly falls into this non-gaming bracket.

The app allows you to create a fake message thread so you can send messages to yourself, getting as imaginative as you like, meaning that when you show the fictional conversation to your friends their jaws will hit the floor. We love this one because it truly taps into your creative side.


For those mobile users who love philosophically challenging topics, then look no further than Nothing, the app that does exactly what its name suggests, nothing.

There is, however, a trick to make the app at least do something. Uncover the app’s secret code and you’ll be led to a lengthy video, which mainly features – you guessed it – nothing! Obviously, don’t expect this app to provide hours of non-stop entertainment, unless you love staring at a blank screen and pondering existentialist theorems.

Fart Apps

When apps were first devised, they were heralded as tools that would revolutionise not only the way human beings interact, but also how they do business and consume entertainment.

What people didn’t account for would be the sheer number of apps developed with the sole purpose of re-creating the sound of flatulence. Some of the best include the wonderfully named “Fart Lighter – Pull My Finger, Pro Edition” as well as “Pass the Gas: The Fart Sharing Network” which allows fans of flatulence to share their pride and joy with the wider world.


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