Walkera Runner 250 PRO 5.8G FPV Racing Drone Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


An upgrade to the popular Runner 250, one of Walkera’s most affordable, user-friendly FPV racers, the Runner 250 Pro is faster, more responsive, and even easier to control. The new and improved GPS/GLONASS dual-satellite positioning system provides higher GPS hover accuracy and a faster GPS lock, This is the latest RUNNER 250 PRO GPS, with flight enhancements, this version comes with a 1080P camera, it records on a Mini SD card, you can also take pictures. It is also suitable for use in immersion with a helmet or glasses.


The Runner 250 Pro is a full carbon fiber frame so it’s pretty tough. Should you damage it, the Runner’s modular design allows you to change out crash damaged components in a matter of minutes. Runner 250 Pro made by fiber material with the perfect combination. With a strong arm, double-thick carbon fiber battery behavior, metal-bonded core parts and good protection of electronic components, it offers strong and more durable resistance to crash. Compact fuselage structure by decreasing the fuselage weight, the central battery position and the free change of the drone attitude. Simple head design by reducing excess weight. The speed controllers, flight controller, FPV Transmitter, receiver, OSD and LED Lights are designed to literally plug straight into the integrated distribution board meaning no soldering is required. It ships assembled from the factory and complete with everything you need to get flying in one box, including Devo 7 radio transmitter good for a 1km range, 11.1V 2200mah 3S LiPo battery for 8-10min flight time and AC battery charger.


Runner 250 Pro equipped with new dual satellite system (GPS + GLONASS) has greatly increased hovering accuracy and search time for satellites. A mainframe is now mixing carbon fiber and plastic parts together to get maximum durability and lightweight. An onboard camera has a Micro SD card slot so you can record in-flight video footage (1080P HD video for 1080P version camera) and built-in OSD module tells you critical flight data such as GPS status, battery voltage etc. Standard 5.8Ghz video transmitter gives you reliable and clear image, you can use your favorite FPV monitor or google to pick up the video feeds. The Runner features a built-in camera and video transmitter so it’s FPV ready; to complete the setup you’ll just need a monitor or some video goggles. It even has an onboard OSD module which overlays you flight footage with telemetries such as battery voltage and artificial horizon. Of course, you don’t have to fly it FPV, you can fly it line of sight and thanks to its bright headlights and indicator LEDs, orientating the Runner is made much easier.

Runner 250 Pro comes with New flight control design. Using the new MR Drone self-developed flight control system. Precise flight attitude, improved flight stability. With the new GPS / GLONASS dual-position GPS system, GPS maintains the ascension accuracy, a satellite search speed. It is also equipped with the headless mode, it can enter the house even out of sight by pressing a button on the radio. When signal loss or instant crash, the buzzer will make noises automatically to help you find the drone easily. Using the new self-developed MR Drone flight control system, precise flight attitude, flight stability improved. Using new GPS-GLONASS dual mode satellite positioning system. GPS hovering precision ascension, very fast GPS lock speed. When the light signal is lost or dropped suddenly or battery voltage is low, the buzzer will sound automatically. Intelligent direction warning lamp to notify other racers.


Flying at a speed of up to 25 miles, the 250-sized RUNNER 250 Pro from Walkera was built to race. It features a rigid carbon fiber frame plus an upgraded modular design to simplify maintenance, enhance airframe strength and reduce the volume as well as resistance during flight. Coming mostly assembled, This ready-to-fly (RTF) model includes an FPV camera and 5.8 GHz video transmitter, the DEVO 7 transmitter (controller), OSD module, 800TVL Camera, GPS, flight battery, and battery charger in the box. You can buy from TOMTOP at $285.99 with use this $40 Discount Coupon Code: HTY40WR


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