Wanbo T6 Max Review – 1080P Android 9.0 Projector at $249.99 From Banggood (Coupon)


Wanbo continues with the T6 Max to offer us, I think, the best headlights for the money, since the new and beautiful Wanbo T6 Max has it all, and most importantly, an incredible price. The Wanbo T6 Max has an amazing price for its class since at Banggood you will find it for just $249.99 by using Discount Coupon Code.


Measuring 195 x 137 x 201mm and weighing just under two kilos, the Wanbo T6 Max is extremely portable, and in this case, it is important because otherwise, the Wanbo projector is -almost- independent. The Wanbo T6 Max projector has a pure white body, which is basically a pure white design style among the portable projectors I’ve come across because the white design can blend in with most home styles, and the panel at the top of the machine is equipped with a very large camera, the whole design style is very much like the little yellow man, the cute body is very popular with young people.

In the back of the body, the bottom is a large area of openings, where the internal speakers and cooling openings, after all, the projector’s heat dissipation will directly affect the service life, in terms of cooling absolutely can not be ambiguous, in addition to the top of the interface in order to two USB ports, power supply interface, headphone interface, and HDMI high-definition interface, almost to meet the needs of our lives.

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It has an LCD chip with an LED lamp that can project Full HD Native resolution in 16: 9 and 4: 3 ratios, with its maximum brightness reaching 550 ANSI Lumens ! The Wanbo T6 Max has a glass lens, not a plastic one, for optimal image, and has Auto Focus and Keystone adjustment, while it is also equipped with Dual Band WiFi to view from your mobile phone. Unlike most projectors, you should also look for a source, here you will find Android 9.0 TV pre-installed which runs an Amlogic T972 with 2GB RAM and 16GB built-in memory, with the Wanbo T6Max also having Bluetooth 5.0 to connect wireless headphones or speakers.

Thanks to Android TV you have support for all popular Streaming platforms; such as Netflix, Disney +, HBO, Prime Video but also the Greek Novaflix and CosmoteTV Go; without having to mess with patents! If you do not have or do not want, it is not necessary; since Wanbo T6 Max comes with 2 stereo speakers with a total intensity of 10W, which in combination with its silent fan; are enough to have a great user experience. In the package, you will find an excellent remote control with voice commands; which usually accompanies all devices with Android TV.


The only thing that stops the Wanbo T6 Max from being completely independent, is that it does not have a built-in battery, but on the other hand you can also power it from a car lighter in the countryside, so you do not need to keep it at home. You can buy it from Banggood at $249.99 instead of $299.99 by using Coupon Code: BGWBAT6M until November 3th.


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