Want to win a free trip to China? Share Your Unique Indiegogo Campaign link of Chuwi UBook Pro & win


Chuwi brings a chance for you to win a fully paid trip to China, Yeah this is not a prank it’s truly going to happen, In this post I will help you that how you can take part in their campaign to win fully paid trip to China as well as there will be 5 winners instead of only one winner that means you will have a great chance to pack your bags for china. So here we go..

Lucky user extraction method:
  1. We will draw 5 lucky users from all the users participating in the sharing activity.
  2. One of the five lucky users with the most referrals becomes the winner (referrals must be more than 1).
  3. Users who did not win the prize but participated in the activity and successfully introduced to purchase the product can get a $30 coupon from Chuwi mall.

How to participate

  • Click on the official link and enter the UBook Pro Indiegogo page from the official website. Copy link with serial Numbers which is your unique identification number…
  • Copy the link anywhere you have a large number of users, such as a Facebook discussion group, a Linkedin discussion group, a Reddit question, a personal blog, or some tech BBS. Anyone clicking on your link and placing an order counts as a successful referral to a buyer. It will count on the account;
  • The content should be interesting. For example, the Surface pro7 is the strongest challenger at only $499 UBook Pro.
  • Share your links to the right places and you’ll have a better chance of winning the prize.


One week after the end of the project, we will announce the winning users on Indiegogo and Facebook. We will arrange the trip to China within 6 months after the completion of the project, and the destination city is Shenzhen in China. We will take the lucky ones to visit Chuwi company and factory, enjoy the Chinese scenery and delicious food.


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