We got the amazing metal wired Blon BL-T3 earphones for about 14$ and we review them!


From time to time I buy different things for myself that I present to you or they send me things from different companies, thing that I like thing that are good to show to you, as and these earphones today. One of these companies is and the EE Audio Store, which wanted to show you some of the very good products they have and sell over Aliexpress. Note, the store has been active on Aliexpress for 4 years and has 98.3% positive reviews, a very good percentage! So I got from their store a pair of wired headphones, with a very very nice look as I saw them in the photos, so I had to see if they are worth the quality, the BLON BL-T3.

Blon BL-T3 headphones are first of all as I told you wired. Yes I know, that the trend or fashion what ever you like, in general, wants us to be with wireless headphones, and I have a lot and I use to be honest, but we always will need and the wired ones. Do not forget that at some point their battery runs out or you must pair them to the mobile phone every time via BT and disconnect them at the same time from somewhere else, while with the wired earphones you are ready to use them in one sec, for as many hours as you want, without any time limit and at as many devices you wanrt without doing anything else!

The package that came to me from the EE Audio store, has a transparent window at the top, where you can see the headphones. The headphones can be found in two colors, gray and metallic. They came to me in the metallic color that I have to say that are really very beautiful. On the side you will find in Chinese some technical features, while at the bottom of the box you will read some information about Blon, that for example was founded in 2014.

Because your Chinese may not be so good, these features are meantioned on the side. The model is the BL-T3, they come with a 3.5mm plug in order to connect the earphones with your mobile phone or device, they have sensitivity 108dB/mW, Impedance 16ohms, the cable is 1.2 meters long, Frequency range is 20-20000Hz and driver has a diameter 11mm. Here I should add that the headphones are in-ear, ie they fit inside the ear and thus are fixed, they have a microphone (there is also a version without), which is controlled with the three buttons on it. The headphones are metallic. The sound performance is unexpectedly very good, although they do not have audio cancellation (CAN).

Visually I give them an A , while in the matter of sound they around A also easily. In the test I did with various music tracks from youtube, the sound performance was very good, while the use of headphones, although metallic, did not get you tired at all. Don’t forget to check my video presentation that I have prepared for you. I hope you click Like & Share on the video as well and the Subscription button to our channel.

The very beautiful and good wired earphones Blon BL-T3 you can get them over Aliexpress for only 14.23$, son don’t loose anyt other time!

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