We have seen how Mi Pay is, are you curious!?


Payment services is not something new. Apple and Samsung had long launched their payment service respectively – Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. After that and other smartphone makers in different countries started working on their version. Xiaomi is one of these companies. Yesterday, on July 21 evening, Xiaomi holded a live show for MIUI 8. In this show, Xiaomi staff showed us Mi Pay in details and in depth with the UI of Mi Pay. From what it was told to us, Xiaomi and the Bank Union had finished the technology debug for Mi Pay, and Xiaomi will start an internal test in this August and launch it in public in the second half year of 2016.


Mi Pay uses NFC to pay as Apple Pay does. It works with China Bank Union’s Flash Pay for the secured payment. The Mi Pay UI that we where showed, looks a lot like Apple Pay. Xiaomi claimed in the live show that they have successfully payed with Mi Pay in restaurant and stores. Xiaomi Mi5 will get Mi Pay thanks to the NFC feature that has as and Mi3.

  Xiaomi-MiPay03 Xiaomi-MiPay-02

Except Mi Pay, we also saw the latest updates on Xiaomi Bus Card and Fingerprint Pay. MIUI Team is trying to make NFC Bus Card available in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Suzhou and other cities. It is also stated that Mi Fingerprint Pay will be given to the users in Q3.

So, are you familiar with electronic pay? Do you think electronic payments are secure enough? Tell us what you think.


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