We review the Anycubic Photon Mono SE, the best and fastest 3D printer that uses resin!


If you are registered in the Youtube channel of igeekphone.com, you must have seen the detailed video review of an 3D printer, the Anycubic Photon Mono SE. Those who deal with 3D printers are sure to know Anycubic and I think they must have seen or may even know the printer we presented to you here, the Photon Mono SE. The truth is that the final result is simply UNIQUE !!! Of course the whole process is not very easy, but the result is sure to compensate you! But let’s see what came to me from Anycubic and get to know this awesome 3D printer up close.

Anycubic Photon Mono SE came from the Anycubic which I would really like to thank them very much! The 3D printer came as a big package as you can see and in the video. Opening the package, inside a styrofoam, there was the printer with several necessary accessories. What are these? Check them here:

To be more exact, opening the postage package you will see these….

The accessories that are inside, is sure that you need them all and they are more than necessary. All that is missing is a pair of goggles, to complete your protection from any drops of resin or anything similar. Also, my printer came with a liter of Anycubic resin, which unfortunately did not go very well, strangely ….!

But let’s take a look at the technical features of the printer. First of all, it is metallic, which makes it very good as a construction. The only downside I have to say here is the rather loose connection of the lid to the rest of the box. But the fact that the SE is metallic is a big upgrade over the previous model! The ANYCUBIC Photon Mono SE has a 3.5″ touch screen on the front bottom, where you can tell the printer what to do.

The printer can also be managed wirelessly, from your mobile phone, through the corresponding application of Anycubic, the Photon Controller. Of course it also has a USB port, to transfer to the printer your creation that you have saved on a USB stick. It also has an ON / OFF switch on the side, which is very useful and practical. The wireless antenna is on the back of the printer, and there are grilles to let out the heat generated inside the printer during the process of creating your 3D print.

The dimensions of the printer are 220 x 200 x 100 mm. Inside the tray is 130 x 78 x 160 mm, it uses 405nm UV resin and the printer weighs a total of ~ 8.2 kg. As I told you above, this version of the 3D printer has a metal body, an awesome upgrade over the previous model. That alone makes you feel like you have a very good and expensive printer, which at least in the first part, I totally agree with! As you can see from the photos, it has glass facades with a yellow color. This coating is there for your protection, so you do not have a problem with the ultraviolet radiation it uses. Of course if you want you can take it out, but I would suggest you not to do it. You will also agree with me that as it is it looks very impressive and in addition it is protected from any possible exposure to the sun. Inside as you can see, the printer has dual linear rails with a lead screw, which work very well and manage to keep the construction platform stable and the bed, the basin, which has a leveling system, always locked in place after printing. .

The print quality on the Mono SE is excellent. The truth is that because I am not very relevant to the usage of 3D printer, I saw some videos on youtube about 3D printers that use resin, to see and know what happens, so from what I have seen, I know that almost all 3D resin printers build models of excellent quality, but with all the improvements added in the Mono SE, it makes it stand out, showing even the smallest details easily. Just look at the skull-island that came out of the printer, what awesome detail it has. And keep in mind the creation is fresh and not painted to look even more impressive!

The height of the layer is 0.01 mm – 0.15 mm. XY resolution is 0.051 mm 2560 x 1620 (2K). Because the Anycubic Mono SE has a monochrome LCD screen, it can achieve incredible speed for a 3D printer. In essence, the SE version is the fastest 3D printer out there for resin users. Of course do not think that the creation that I showed you above or that you see over the internet, are done in seconds … unfortunately it does not go that way. Anycubic Mono SE can print at a layer speed of 1.5 – 2.5 seconds depending on the resin. This means that you can print the same model in about 60 percent of the time that a regular LCD monitor would need, ie from the previous model. This is a huge savings, especially if you are for example an owner of a small business and you are modeling for profit. Connecting the printer to the Internet via the WiFi antenna is another advantage for professionals, as it allows you to keep track of when a printout is over, so you can use your time more efficiently. You can also upload your prints to it via Wi-Fi, but be careful not to have any old prints there!

The printer comes with its own software, Photon Workshop. As you will see in the video, which I made with the help of an other youtuber, Unpackman, it is easy to use but it requires some attention. However there are also and two other programs you can try, Chitubox and Lychee Slicer. From these two, from wha t I saw the latest beta version of Chitubox is now supporting the Mono range from Anycubic and prints fantastic models in Mono SE. So you have it as an alternative solution and of course the program is free.

But let’s see the video presentation that is a collaboration with Unpackman as I told you. If you liked the video, do not forget to press Like, but also to subscribe to our Youtube channel so that you are always properly and first informed. Also a Share helps to share knowledge!

The Anycubic 3D Photon Mono SE printer can be found at the company’s store – https://bit.ly/3be2uFs.

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