Weichensi DQ12 Review: 15.6-Inch IPS Portable 4K Monitor For Just $265.99 at Gearbest


The Weichensi DQ12 seems to meet the demands of many readers after the appearance of 15.6 “TBao mobile screens in FullHD some time ago. This new screen is the same diagonal, it is also touching but goes to the upper definition with an UltraHD display.

Buy Weichensi DQ12 – 15.6-Inch IPS Portable 4K Monitor at $265.99


The Weichensi DQ12 is a 9mm thick ultra-thin screen that combines mobility with a laptop to work on a dual-screen. Of course, he can also support a game console, a smartphone, associate with a MiniPC or other conventional device. We can even imagine to fix it to the wall to benefit from a really ultra-thin and tactile screen. With 35.7 cm wide and 23 cm high, the Weichensi DQ12 weighs only 950 grams and allows a fairly complete connection to various devices. It can be connected in HDMI or USB type-C to the selected display source. The 15.6 “IPS display displays vertical and horizontal angles of 178 ° at 3840 X 2160 pixels with attractive features. The screen announces UltraHD + HDR compatibility, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, a response time of 3 ms and a 100% Adobe RGB panel for true color control.

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This secondary display can, therefore, become an interesting ally for any type of use: image editing, video editing, and 2D or 3D creation of course. Combined with classic portable mobility it doubles the display area and allows to keep a free screen to work leaving tools and other elements e interface on the screen of its main machine. It is also a great leisure tool with the ability to connect a mobile console or use it as a portable cinema even if the 250 € requested by the brand is obviously a brake more important than for a professional purchase. It is, finally, a pleasant interface for all the traditional uses: A combination MiniPC and Weichensi DQ12 allows to discover a computer that will take almost no place to use and no more once folded and stored in a drawer or in a library. Associated with a smartphone, the UltraHD display will allow you to follow a video anywhere without worries.

From a more technical point of view, the frame of the screen is cut in a block of aluminum for more solidity, it offers a Micro USB port to feed directly with an AC adapter. It comes with a complete set of cables (HDMI, USB Type-C) and even offers stereo speakers as well as a standard 3.5mm audio jack. A USB Type-A port is also present, the machine seems to take advantage of this interface to drive the machine connected USB Type-C, it would be possible to connect a keyboard or mouse on it. Finally, the Weichensi DQ12 comes with a screen protector that allows both to prevent scratches and dust on its surface but also to position it at multiple angles.


The Weichensi DQ12 is a 15.6 “UltraHD IPS mobile touch screen. Very thin, he slips into a bag to support a classic laptop. We can grab it from Gearbest at $265.99 in Flash Sale to use Coupon code:GBCNDQ12

Buy Weichensi DQ12 – 15.6-Inch IPS Portable 4K Monitor at $265.99


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