WEIZU DB30 Review – 4K AWB Anti-shake Waterproof Vlog DV Camera For Just $89.99 at Banggood


WEIZU DB30 DV Camera shoots native real 4K at a frame rate of 24FPS, which enables you to show all your adventures in crisp, brilliant details, and makes you capture every pixel of the exquisite and lifelike scene. It’s totally different from those Interpolated / fake 4K. So whether you having fun with your pets, hitting the road on a bike, or riding the windsurf, just take it and upgrade your world!

Buy WEIZU DB30 Vlog DV Camera From Banggood


Its waterproof design ensures that a splash of water cannot hamper its performance. WEIZU DB30 DV Camera is compact, which makes it easy for you to carry it in a pocket or a bag. Lastly, a bold black finish on this WEIZU DB30 DV Camera makes it stand out. The WEIZU DB30 DV Camera is a perfect travel companion. This high-performance 16MP camera enables you to capture high-quality shots. Whether you go trekking or biking in the mountains, you can record your memorable journey with this GoPro to relive the moments anytime you want. The Built-in Micro Gimbals Stabilizer feature of this keeps a check on your movement and optimizes the camera performance to ensure that picture quality is not affected. LCD Screen of this WEIZU DB30 DV Camera shows every detail clearly and vivid without color difference from any viewing angle and helps you setting up the camera and previewing video easily.


Equipped with a powerful Novatek NT96660 Processor and 16MP sensor, the WEIZU DB30 DV Camera can record native 4K videos at 24fps. WEIZU DB30 DV Camera supports AWB Mode which is excellent in producing a better image and video effects, especially during diving as it won’t damage the original ecological blue water. And it is equipped with a professional IP68 Waterproof Housing, waterproof up to 197 feet (60 meters). Additionally, dust-resistant seals make it nearly impervious to mud, snow, rain, and grit, and the housing can also protect the camera from shock. You can enjoy yourself during diving, swimming, parkour or surfing and without worrying about breaking the camera.


The WEIZU DB30 DV Camera captures every adventure in stunning 4K detail. It is waterproof, You can buy it from Banggood at $89.99 for 15Pcs Limited in Pre-Sale…

Buy WEIZU DB30 Vlog DV Camera From Banggood


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