WEJOY Y2 Pro 1080P Projector Selling at Just $196.99 [Coupon Deal]


Enjoy an epic viewing experience with the WEJOY Y2 Pro Smart Projector. Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite TV shows or hosting an outdoor movie night, the portable Y2 Pro Streaming Laser Projector makes it easy to stream bright images from virtually anywhere in your home, even outside. Featuring built-in Android TV 9.

Buy WEJOY Y2 Pro at $196.99 on Banggood

Designed with simplicity in mind, the WEJOY Y2Pro Projector has a clean, compact, and modern design to beautifully fit within any décor. Delivers an immersive viewing experience for TV shows, sporting events, gaming, and movies by accepting content up to 4K – for an amazing Full-HD HDR picture.

The picture quality is 1080p, the selling point of this unit is convenience, and at its size, the picture is excellent, even if you aren’t using a projector screen and are running it right on the wall.

the RIF6 Cube does a decent job. It’s missing significant connection options in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and there is no VGA or USB port. It does offer an HDMI/MHL port and supports microSD cards, however, and it can mirror another device. The internal battery lasts for up to 90 minutes, which is long enough for most presentations or a short movie. It recharges via a USB Micro port. You can also plug it into a wall socket and enjoy a movie marathon.

WEJOY Y2 Pro also has its own internal speaker, a USB, and an HDMI input to connect it to the iPhone 6, although it is also compatible with other Apple devices. The only catch is that you’ll need a Lightning Digital AV connector to use this Y2 Pro projector,

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How To Buy

WEJOY Y2 Pro 1080P Projector is now available on Banggood For just $196.99 using a Coupon Code: BGWJTS328. Click the following button for order now:

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Buy WEJOY Y2 Pro at $196.99 on Banggood


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