WeLoop Hey 3S Sports Smart Watch Support 50 Meters Water Resistance Design, Features Review


You may know many Xiaomi. For those who do not, it is a Chinese company, mainly known for manufacturing smartphones. Among them, the highly commented Xiaomi Mi6 and Mi Mix 2. The Chinese giant is looking to expand and not be limited only to mobile phones, Partner Xiaomi, Chinese company WeLoop presented a smartwatch Hey 3S on the platform MIJIA. Novelty received a sporty design, the gadget has a square display, and also a silicone strap. There are three colors to choose from: black with gray, black with green and black with red. Intelligent Clock WeLoop Hey 3S is a sporting accessory filled with cutting-edge technology. The clock keeps track of activity, helps to train, counting the pulse and collecting statistics, and also watches for sleep. In addition, the clock reports new messages, calls, and other events, working in pairs with a smartphone.


The WeLoop Hey 3S has three colors band of black, red and green. Changing it as your mood with easy-removable. The 1.28-inch LCD screen and 176 × 176-pixel resolution have a Gorilla Glass 3 coating and touch-sensitive support. The display case itself is black and has a rectangular shape. The display has a backlight that fits comfortably in the dark during the day or in a dark room. It is a touch panel under which we can find an integrated GPS + GLONASS module. the smartwatch is “too” similar to Apple Watch. The weight of this watch is only 38 grams. A strap with breathable holes will provide comfort even with a lot of sweating. Due to the interchangeable design of the straps, you can change the color of the accessory in accordance with your image. The straps are available in several colors of your choice. Silicone straps (presented in 3 colors) have a stitch structure, thanks to which the hand does not sweat and the strap fixation is freely regulated. A special silicone protrusion on the strap also serves as a lock.

That’s why the design will be familiar to more than one, with that square appearance, coma straps similar to the views in the Apple Watch Sport (and specifically the Apple Watch Nike + ) and a Plastic ergonomic display has two control keys – right and left. The left key has the functions “Back”, “Cancel”, right – Desktop scrolling and confirmation of the action. On the back side, there is a pulse measurement sensor and two pairs of contact pads for the charge of the display. The display is charged through the dock because there is no Micro USB slot in the clock. Also, by clicking on the button, you can check whether the connected clock to the smartphone, which battery charge and translate the display into hibernation.


The Hey 3S smartwatch connects to the phone through Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that this wearable presumes, which also allows you to receive notifications, answer calls and, of course, control your smartphone’s music player. In addition, this smartwatch is water resistant to a maximum depth of 50 meters. you can measure your heart rate and also have a pedometer. In this way, you can keep track of our activity and measure the number of steps we take and the calories we burn. It connects to our smartphone via Bluetooth, making it sync. It can also be immersed in water. You can download the Weloo application via the QR code and be attaching devices through the QQ or WeChat account, you can use the rich functionality of the sports smartwatch: scroll through the smartphone, change the dials (you can add 2 dials in memory), control the camera (on the smartphone) , put an alarm clock, see what time it is.

Other features of the Xiaomi WeLoop Hey 3S are its own operating system, customizable spheres, intuitive handling. Weloop Hey 3S is compatible with the smartphone of Android 4.4, iOS 8.0 and above with BT4.0. WeLoop Hey 3S has its own exclusive live watch face, play your creation role in the WeLoop community. Do the personalized design of the watch face. WeLoop Hey 3S helps you stay connected with instant information, such as Facebook, Wechat, WhatsApp, Message, E-mail. let you real-time receive information. WeLoop Hey 3S can keep using it for 30 days. The outdoor running keeps for 20 hours. You don’t need to fear the fast power consumption. Takes good care of you, monitors your heart rate, records your sports data, make your exercise more scientific and effective.


The WeLopp Hey 3S is available for purchase on Geekbuying at a priced of $129.99. It can be purchased in 3 different colors. Weloop Hey 3S incorporates Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to a smartphone and use its own application, sleep monitoring function, calendar reminders, daily reminders, alert messages and audio playback controls. Being a sports watch, would not it have to withstand the water? Yes, the smartwatch in this entry can be submerged up to 50 meters.


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