Wewow A-Lite: a Extendable 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer For Just $78.99 TOMTOP in 11.11 Sale


This Wewow A-Lite Extendable 3-Axis handheld smartphone gimbal stabilizer is easy to use and carry. Suitable for various popular action cameras and smart vectors against powerful motors smartphone under 6 inches. You can use this gimbal for social media, such as live show, selfie, reunite, video creation, party, journey, etc. Use this stabilizer to take high-quality stable videos.

Capture cinema-quality photos and videos on your smartphone with the Wewow A-Lite gimbal. Designed to hold smartphones measuring 4 to 6 inches, the gimbal relies on a 3-axis intelligent stabilizer to provide smooth, seamless movements. A manual joystick gives you the ability to pan, tilt, and roll, while a focusing button lets you extend and retract the center arm for close-ups and long shots.

There’s a button to cycle through the preset modes, a digital display that gives you real-time information about the battery and LED lights that indicate the mode and status. The APPF system supports object tracking, time-lapse shots, and more. For convenience, there’s a four-in-one screw hole on the bottom so you can attach the gimbal to a tripod for long-exposure steady shots.

TOMTOP’s 11.11 Sale

The A-Lite’s intelligent control features allow you to take perfect 180° & 330° panoramas and even capture amazing point to point motion time-lapse. It can automatically switch between horizontal and vertical modes base on the gesture sensor, perfect for a webcast. With App, you can have full access to more functions like face/object tracking by slightly pointing the screen to lock and zoom in/out with focusing key on a panel.

Wewow A-Lite has a built-in telescopic rod for 140mm maximum. Smartphone handheld stabilizer with telescopic pole design, extendable up to 14cm, suitable for taking group selfies. With adjustable smartphone holder, compatible with the smartphone not larger than 6in and weight no more than 230g. With LCD display, you can get the real-time power status easily anytime anywhere.

It will give you a smooth shooting experience and help you be a professional director. Wanna get more fans and likes on social media? Get Wewow A-Lite right now! It supports to quickly adjust the angles and directions by hand and one-key reset, allowing to come back to the default setting quickly. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $78.99 in Flash Sale Also You can check out TOMTOP 11.11 Sale Promotion Here.


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