What are the five best apps for gambling?



The online gambling market has been getting more popularity. It has also been found that more traffic on the online casino site comes from mobile devices. Undoubtedly, people go for what they find most convenient. Smartphones and tablets have taken over big screens and monitors.

The online casino owners hence came forward with their gambling apps that can be run on smartphones. Nevertheless, the outcome has been brilliant! Honestly, the gambling market is assumed to grow by 9% each year, and we cannot neglect the fact that it is all because of these brilliant gambling apps.

If you are looking for the best gambling apps to win some real money, you are in the right place. This article will list the five gambling apps, with all their brilliant features and why they are reasonably known as the best. Let’s get started!

  1. Bet365

It is one of the best and most leading sports betting apps. This app comes from one of the best bookmakers in the betting industry.


  • Current events:Current events which are available for live betting are displayed on the homepage.
  • Full access to streaming service:Every paid account holder has complete access to the streaming service.
  • User-friendly layout and easy navigation:These features develop a better user experience since users can engage in live betting, bet in-play and even check the amount that they can bet on.
  • Fast Payments: This is the most important reason why more people prefer Bet365.
  • Free Bets and Bore Draw Promotions:Regular customers are rewarded with free bets. The app operator surely knows how to satisfy their clients!
  • Can run on both iOS and Android: Yes, you read it right. It can run on both iOS and Android, and you do not need to purchase it from the app store. You can download it for free!
  1. Gclub Casino

Almost all the possible software providers are integrated to the platform but Gclub focuses more on quality and less on quantity. It is a high-quality app which does not shelter multiple games. Players can easily access Gclub mobile version on their phones.


  • Fewer but smooth running games:This app has fewer games than the first website, but they all run smoothly. Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat are available.
  • Smooth and full access: Users have easy and full access to personal accounts and funds.
  • Real-time betting:It allows real-time betting on tennis, racing, football and so on.
  • Supports multiple languages:This brings in more traffic.
  • Can run on both iOS and Android:You can download it on Android and iOS for free!
  • Unique features:Win casts which are enhanced, live-in-play betting, more than a thousand live betting markets, hundreds of sports not limited to a particular country or region, and regular promotions and offers!
  1. DraftKings

It is one of the best gambling apps.


  • Weekly sports contests (paid and free):Sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer and so on for cash prizes.
  • Challenging players:It allows users to compete against other players or challenge their friends.
  • Result tracking:Users can track their results in league-exclusive leader boards.
  • Selection of favourite leagues:Players can select from a wide range of leagues like NASCAR, PGA, NFL and so on.
  • Quick payment:Winners are paid immediately after they win a contest.

Free for iOS and Android: You can download it for free on these devices.

  1. Betfair

It is the most popular in the world since it allows its users to bet on events without any bookmaker.


  • Professional Play:It offers professional play in sports betting.
  • Live to bet:It lets the user place live betting on a wide range of sports such as football, volleyball, basketball and so on.
  • Better quotes:It offers better quotes than other bookmakers. Users can wait for the quotes to increase and bargain for the best one.
  • Event updates:It keeps all its users updated with upcoming betting events and sports.
  • Free app: Users can download it for free on Android and iOS.
  1. Unibet

It is one of the safest apps all over the world.


  • Live-action casino:This is one of the coolest features.
  • Wide range of video slots: It has almost 100 video slots!
  • Live-betting: It offers live sports betting as well as Bingo.
  • Certification: It has been certified as reliable and safe by eCOGRA.
  • Can run on both iOS and Android: Yes, that’s true. It can also run on older models of tablets and cell phones.


The future of gambling is mobile-inclusive. We also doubt the fact if, in the future, computer screens and monitors will be of any use when it comes to online gambling. So be sure to check the variety of games available on GclubSlot.


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