What Can You Do To Design Creative Slideshows?


Slideshows are helpful when you are trying to explain a theory to the people around you. These slideshows can be used either as gifts for ceremonies, weddings, farewells, etc. or they can be used for businesses purposes like for giving presentations or for social media marketing campaigns. Either way designing a good slideshow can help you in winning your audience and can earn you heartfelt praises.

Now you must be wondering what the definition of a good slideshow is. Well a good slideshow, my friend is the one that can connect you to your audience and can help them in understanding your point of view on things, while a poor slideshow is the one that engages your audience and confuses them even more. Now there is a very slight line that defines the difference between a heart-winning slideshow and a bore-to-death presentation and hence you need to be conscious of this difference while designing your presentation.

So in this article, we will share with you some tips that you can use while creating your slideshows in order to please your viewers.

  • Keep it simple

There are many software available out there that can assist you with creating an outstanding slideshow. Usually, all these software provide you with an abundance of options like text effects, background effects, transitions effects, color effects, etc. that you can use in order to make your slideshow look beautiful. But while using these effects what the designer should take care of is to not over-do the effects as they can make your slideshow less appealing.

Try to keep your slideshow as simple as possible. Use minimal effects and subtle colors that can attract the attention of your audience. Always remember it is not the effects but your content that should be the focus of your slideshow.

  • Keep the slideshow short

While creating a slideshow a lot of times, the designer flows with the wave and goes on adding one slide after another. As a result by the time the presenter gets done with his slideshow, he realizes that he has created 10-15 minutes long presentation. But this is not ideal. While creating a slideshow you must be conscious of the number of slides you are using. Try to make it simple and short such that it will get covered within 5-7 minutes.

A short slideshow will keep your viewers engaged and will mesmerize them with its beauty.

  • Use high-qualitygraphics

Make sure to only use high-resolution graphics or photographs in your slides. You can buy a digital camera or rent one, or you can purchase professional stock photography or find high-resolution graphics online from the plethora that is available out there. But do not settle for a resolution below HD quality.

Also, do not ever try to stretch a graphic into fitting your layout as that will only degrade its look and quality. Avoid using any cartoonish art or clip arts available in your slideshow because if they are available on your software then chances are that they have already been used by millions of people. And the uniqueness you are aiming for certainly can’t be achieved by duplicity.

  • Use music to charm your audience

If your slideshow is meant to be displayed at a gathering amongst friends and family then be sure to add music to your presentation in order to charm your viewers. But try not to add just any song but something that goes well with the mood. For example, if you have prepared a slideshow as a wedding gift then you can use soft music that will tug at the hearts of your audience. Try not to use bold or loud music because you want your song to compliment your slideshow and not dominate it.

However, if your presentation is meant for official purposes, avoid music as it will undermine your professionalism.

  • Use visuals

Many times a common mistake that the slideshow makers commit is that they use a lot of text in their slideshows which is not good. Slideshows are meant for visual pleasure and reading does not count as a pleasure for everyone. So, do not try to include all your pointers in your slideshow but rather choose to dictate them in your talk.

Limit the text and focus on visuals. Use as many charts or photographs or graphs in your presentation as you need but always remember to explain those visuals through words.

  • Fonts

While creating slideshows choosing your font carefully can prove to be a significant point as these fonts are said to communicate a message in and out of themselves to the viewers. Do not just choose any font that you come across while creating a slideshow, but rather decide very carefully. Choose a font that is simple and can also be easily read by people who are sitting at the end.

Also, use the same font throughout your slideshow as changing your font with every slide can distract your audience. Remember to not use more than two complementary fonts in your presentation.

  • Execution

We tend to spend a lot of time in preparing our slideshows so much so that we forget to invest our time in executions. Remember execution is an important part of the creation process and hence if you fail at the execution step then all your hard work goes to waste. Now if you have prepared your video to be shown at a farewell event then make sure to reach the venue before others to play the presentation once before anyone arrives so that you can be sure that all the equipment and tech are working. On the other hand, if the presentation is meant for official purposes then we recommend practicing it at least twice or thrice before the final presentation, so as to make sure that you know what and when to say. So be sure to prepare for your execution as well.

Hence, these are some tips that you can keep in mind while working on your slideshow so you can win the hearts of your audience. You can also check out these very good intro maker and video maker tools available online.


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