What Does 5G Mean For Mobile Gaming?


Mobile gaming is certainly shaping up to be the future of gaming as a whole as it now represents over half of the entire market, but there will always be drawbacks through hardware on the devices themselves which separate them from the more expensive and larger dedicated consoles meant for solely gaming – however the gap is starting to close, and a big change for closing that gap can be found in the introduction of 5G.

It’s still a little away for many as the infrastructure is still being put in place for widespread use of 5G, however what it provides is perfect for modern gaming and the lifestyle around it on mobile devices – it isn’t just the improvement to speed, which itself is impressive – download speeds have a theoretical cap of 10Gbps, or 100 times faster than our current download availability through 4G, but the difference comes through the theoretical max for upload speeds which is set to match that of the download, much higher than the theoretical max for current 4G speeds and provides a lot of opportunities for sharing content which is a primary part of modern gaming, whether through streaming live or video sharing.

It likely won’t do much to change the types of games being played however, mobile gaming is largely dominated by the more casual genres such as puzzle and arcade games and as such the opportunities for better networking here don’t really exist – it does provide an option for some other casual genres however as changes have already been seen. One of which is within the growing popularity of mobile casinos, and the speculated introduction of VR to many platforms to turn these games into more of a social experience rather than just a betting and gambling experience. Registration on these sites have already been going up in recent years largely due to the expanding network of no verification casinos here that allow users to register very quickly and easily, but some of the growth can also be attributed to recent events over the past three or four months – if the enhanced networking can provide this social experience then it only serves more to what many gamers are looking for.

It’s important to note that for many users this 5G connection will likely be faster than even what they’re able to use in their own homes, although it changes region to region an average download and upload speeds are typically much lower, with the UK for an example having an average to 64Mbps download and 14Mbps upload, a change to 10/10Gbps will be a huge difference and for developers and publishers open up a whole host of opportunities that wouldn’t be available with such a wide variance of networking capabilities. If you’re a mobile gamer primarily, now may be the time to keep an eye on the market to make the most of the changes that are most certainly on the way, and utilise your 5G device as soon as possible.


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