What Exactly is a Proxy Server and How Does It Help in Bypassing Blocked Websites


If you are on the internet trying to download the latest movie or a music album, you will soon realize that things aren’t that simple and elementary as you might have anticipated. This is essentially because the original products (movies and music) have certain copyright permission due to which they cannot be duplicated, well, at least not legally.

As you can imagine, these replicated files on the internet play a notable role in eating away the revenue share of the authentic products. This has lead to a widespread crackdown against the websites that allow users to download movies, mp3, or applications for free. As such, most of the countries have strict regulations against these websites, and hence, they are banned for conventional internet users. However, this does not necessarily mean they are inaccessible. If anything, it just means you cannot simply enter the website address on Google search and open it. There is a way to access such sites and StromProxies.com can help you with it.

To check your proxy location on the web, you can use the where am I at tool, which will show you exact location).

Over the years, a wide number of such pirated websites have surfaced, most notably The Pirate Bay or simply TPB. The Pirate Bay offers one of the highest clusters of files you can possibly imagine ranging from a simple music file to computer applications as well. Hence, it has established itself as the central hub for downloading almost any type of files for free. However, the pirate bay proxy helps you bypass through the piracy status of the website and help you utilize the full feature of the website without getting in trouble with your local cyber authorities.

So, yes, for those of you who are looking to gain access to websites that let you download free movies or music, the blocked website status is not the end of the tunnel. In fact, there are a generous number of methods you can implement to gain full access to those blocked websites (probably even more than what you might actually think).

However, one of the simplest and most effortless techniques which even an internet noob can execute with optimum proficiency is making use of a free proxy server.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server or simply proxy is a web tool that allows you to open websites even if they are legally blocked on your local server. Such dedicated servers allow you to breach the security wall built around a specific website to block any request originating from an external server to discourage users from downloading the unauthorized contents of the website.

However, a proxy server does not only allow you to gain access to blocked websites, but, also acts as a mechanism to allow shared network connections, web filter, and also enhances the loading speed of the website due to its internal capacity to cache data.

How does a free proxy server work?

A proxy server is simply a mechanism that functions as a gateway between you and the internet or a third person acting as an intermediary between you and the target website. In normal internet usage, we generally communicate with the website directly by entering its unique address and opening it. However, a proxy server comes in between you and the other user or website and performs the function of conveying your request through its dedicated server, and the request comes back to you via the same proxy server as well.

So, if a particular Xyz website is blocked on your specific country server, a proxy server will help you gain access to that website by carrying your request through its dedicated server. This technically means, a proxy server takes the request (to open a certain webpage) from your server, but forwards the request under an alias server to the target address and feeds back the granted access to your computer.

And if that is too technical for you; you can imagine the proxy server as the third person you always turn to when you’re too nervous about approaching the prettiest girl in the class directly. You still get the desired result, but with the exception of saving yourself from a massive nervous breakdown, and obvious embarrassment as well.

Why use a proxy server?

One of the crucial factors that make proxy servers such a compelling choice amongst the vast number of available choices is its security aspect. Unlike the other conventional techniques of bypassing a blocked website, proxy servers are able to protect/ hide your IP address. This practically means your genuine computer’s address is untraceable as long as you are using a proxy server to open the unauthorized webpage from your room.

In brief, you won’t have to worry about the FBI storming through your front door for surfing a blocked website. In fact, a proxy server is one of the only two techniques (the other one is VPN) that actually obstruct your authentic IP address when you’re using a piracy website.

Another crucial aspect of using a proxy server is that it preserves the normal loading speed of a blocked website, as opposed to other techniques that actually slows down the browsing speed by a significant margin.


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