What is the cartridge and battery capacity of Moti MEGA Pro Vape?


Moti Magic Flute MEGA Pro E-Cigarette: Extra large battery capacity

The battery of moti MEGA Pro e-cigarette is 800mAh large battery capacity, which is twice the endurance of ordinary bomb-changing atomizer;

MOTI. MEGA PRO uses 4C fast charging design, which can be filled in just 30 minutes, giving you a long and pleasant experience. 30 minutes fast charge, high endurance long enjoy.

moti Magic Flute MEGA Pro E-Cigarette: Smoke bomb oversized liquid tank

Magic Flute MEGA Pro Smoke bomb capacity upgrade, double happiness.

The capacity of the bomb is 3.0mL. It is 1.5 times the capacity of ordinary change-over type atomizing projectile, and the addition does not increase the price, which highly matches the demand of light lung suction.

Distinguish the pattern of taste recommendation, not only intimate, but also professional.


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