What is the iGaming industry?


Two decades ago, the online gambling industry was just in its infant stage and very few people were able to predict its upward trajectory. Today, it is worth in excess of $30 billion worldwide and it continues to be one of the fastest-growing businesses worldwide. One of the reasons why the iGaming industry is so popular is that it provides players with a convenient way to gamble. Better access to games, generous bonuses and many other advantages unavailable in brick-and-mortar casinos are now at Internet operators.

All forms of gambling under the same roof

The iGaming industry consists of operators providing sports betting, online casino slots games and poker, among other forms of gambling. Some of the industry leaders now offer all these products in the same package, and players can even use the same account to play all the games. Recreational punters, as well as savvy players,  can find their thrills and online gambling operators that are open 24/7. The games are available for free and as long as players register an account, they gain access to the entire spectrum of games available.

The Internet made it possible for players to enjoy their favorite games whenever they want, for as long as they like. A decent connection is all it takes to go online and play against the random number generator, live dealers or your peers. Strong licensing bodies and independent auditors keep an eye on Internet casinos, to make sure that they are fair and transparent. This explains why the early suspicion and criticism has all but vanished and the iGaming industry is today trusted by millions.

Over the years, the industry has enjoyed the meteoric rise, although there were brief moments in time when it has suffered slight setbacks. The recession of 2009 barely made a dent in their performance, and these companies have continued to show strong results. Occasionally, some online casinos were exposed for running fraudulent schemes, but players have understood that these are the exception, not the rule.

Mobile devices push the iGaming industry further

There were a couple of key moments that in retrospect can be regarded as important milestones for the iGaming industry. The advent of live dealer table games was one of them, as many conservative punters were provided with the impetus to try Internet gambling. Today, live casinos are mainstream and the vast majority of online casinos provide players with the option of competing against real croupiers. Those who have lingering doubts regarding the fairness of the random number generator can now put them to rest.

Perhaps the most important moment for the iGaming industry was the arrival and incredible rise of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets took convenience to the next level and made it easier than ever for people from all over the world to play online. Internet casinos now have their sites optimized for mobile devices and many of them have developed dedicated apps that can be downloaded for free. The iGaming industry came a long way since its humble beginnings of the late 90s and its future looks really bright.


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