What Kind of Customized Theme do You Want on Xiaomi MI6


Many users even Mi fans haven’t noticed that since Xiaomi MI Note 2 MIUI released, Xiaomi MIUI theme will make customized theme for those important models, including Xiaomi MI MIX, Xiaomi MI5C, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X MIKU limited version. So will Xiaomi MI6 have customized UI?

Xiaomi MI Note 2 Customized Theme

As the first curved screen smartphone, Xiaomi MI Note 2 customized theme has taken advantage of this advantage to slide slightly to make the sidebar out, which can do multi-functional operation without high-efficiency.

Xiaomi MI MIX Customized Theme

Xiaomi MI MIX as a concept smartphone has also made the customized theme, the locked screen has the global rotating  animation, the bottom function can ask the short-cut key out, such as weather, calendar, music, camera, etc.

Xiaomi MI5C Customized Theme

The feature of Xiaomi MI5C customized theme is the dynamic wallpaper, and the system interface is covered with black, couple with Xiaomi MI5C black color, it is really good.

Redmi Note 4X Customized Theme

The customized MIKU customized theme is made for Redmi Note 4X, equipped with dynamic interface, unique charging special effect, exclusive floating ball, which is the exclusive match for knightage.

Xiaomi MI6 as the first flagship smartphone of 2017, it is necessary for Xiaomi to make customized theme for Xiaomi MI6. So do you have any requirements about Xiaomi MI6 customized theme?


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