What to consider when choosing a payroll service



As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to pay your employees on time. The act of calculating the hours worked and then computing the pay of your employees is known as running payroll. It’s a vital part of any enterprise, whether small or large. There are different payroll options that you can opt for. They include an in-house payroll, online payroll, bookkeepers, or hiring a payroll service. For most businesses that are just starting up, the solution is to hire a payroll service. If you have chosen to go this route, there are things that you need to know to help you find the correct company, like brinepayroll.ch. Read on to learn more.


Other than the handling of tax obligations and payroll processing, you should also ensure that the company offers several payment options, for example, direct deposit, prepaid debit cards, and paper checks. Also, it’s worth checking out whether the company provides multiple wage rates, PTO management, garnishment payments, unemployment insurance, detailed payroll reports, and workers’ compensation administration.

Ease of Use

The next thing is to look at the user-friendliness of the payroll service. It shouldn’t be too complex to the point that it becomes hard to understand. Its interface should be easy to use so it enables you to run payroll as well as add new employees into it in just minutes.


The provider you choose should have a demonstrable track record in processing payrolls. More importantly, check their reviews online to ensure people trust them. knowing that the company you hire has dealt with similar payroll problems will give you lots of confidence.


As an enterprise that’s just starting, you want a service that you will be able to afford. Other than the cost, the other thing to note is if the company will require a contract. Some companies will not require contracts and are happy to operate on a month-to-month basis. On the other hand, other companies require yearly commitments. You need to decide whether you will pay per period or by the month. Remember that the pricing structure you opt for could have serious cost implications depending on how frequent your payroll is run.


You never know when you are going to need help, that’s why you should choose a company that guarantees to bail you out should you run into problems. Before you decide to work with a company, confirm whether they have an open communication system through which they can be reached. Ask if they have a dedicated representative that you can contact anytime you need assistance.


It doesn’t matter whether the integrations can be created through open API or are built-in. the ideal payroll service should be able to sync with the programs that you use already. These include the accounting software and time and attendance systems.


Because online payroll services are usually cloud-based, businesses depend entirely on the payroll provider to be up and running. Find out how frequently the provider experiences outages and the frequency the system is down.

Employee self-service

Since the payroll is built around employees, it should be designed in such a way that it enables them to log in and view their pay stubs and also year-end tax forms.

Added Services

A top payroll provider, for example, brinepayroll.ch, will always have other services. These include benefits and retirement plan administrations, and human resources, to mention but a few. Check the additional services they offer before you put pen to paper.

Questions to ask before you Choose a Payroll Service

Getting the best payroll service is critical for the smooth management of your enterprise. It also calls for a lot of research. In this section, we tell you some of the most important questions that you should ask before you choose a payroll service:

How often do they update tax tables for compliance?

Knowing how often your payroll provider updates their tax tables is important because these change every time new laws are passed. The ideal scenario is when the service updates its tax tables each time a new bill becomes effective.

Does the service have clients that belong to your industry?

You want to know if clients similar to your company are served by the company. Knowing that some of its clients are from your industry inspires confidence that you have chosen the right guys. It shows that they are experienced in handling enterprises like yours. But you should not automatically disqualify a company because they don’t have industry-specific experience. It should just be an added advantage.

Can the service integrate with your employee benefits?

The ability of a service to integrate your employee’s benefits into the workflow and software, for example, paid time off, is of critical importance.

Is it scalable?

Scalability means the ability of a service to adapt to your needs if your business grows. Your company can scale up and hire more employees, so the service must guarantee that it can deal with the growth. Talk with your payroll provider about your expectations and let them explain how they will deal with growth in your company.

What security measures have they put in place to protect the integrity of your payroll data?

There is a lot of vital information that’s included in your payroll data. These include the personal information of your employees, business information, and bank accounts for your organization. For this reason, you have to ensure that the payroll provider you hire has maximum security. Choose a company like brinepayroll.ch that protects your vital data from possible breaches.


A payroll company plays a critical role in ensuring that your employees are paid correctly and on time. That makes it central to the operations of your business. Because it is a non-core service, it makes sense to outsource it to a professional. If you decide to do so, it is important that you know how to choose the right company. Brinepayroll.ch has a track record of excellence in the industry. With years of experience, it guarantees security to your company and employee data.


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