What To Do If A casino Delays Your Withdrawal?


Every year, billions of dollars of deposits into online casino platforms by players. In 2017, players around the world spent over $50 billion while playing casino games on the internet. Countries with the highest spending included China and the United States.

Deposits made at an online casino will generally be instant. Once you enter your payment details, the deposit amount is deducted from your account immediately. This allows your account to be credited, and ensures you can start playing. Unfortunately, when it comes to withdrawals, there are a few troubles that people often face. We look at what to do if a casino delays your withdrawal.

Determine The Reason For The Withdrawal Delay

The first step when a casino refuses to pay or there is a pending withdrawal on your account is to consider the reason. There are numerous reasons why your withdrawal may be delayed. In some cases, the fault may lie with you, but this is not always the case.

A few common reasons why there may be a delayed withdrawal include:

  • You are considered underage. If this is the case, payments can be delayed or withdrawals may be rejected. Casinos generally require a minimum age of 18 years – but some countries have higher restrictions. If you live in a country that requires an age of 21 for gambling and you have not reached this age yet, then this could be the reason for the delay.
  • If you have been using a VPN to play games at the online casino, then you might have sparked an alert on the system. VPNs are not allowed when registering or playing online gambling games. If the casino detects you are using a VPN, payments can be delayed and your account could even be suspended.
  • Most casinos do not allow one person to have multiple accounts. If this is the case, then the casino may need to investigate your account first.
  • When registering and submitting details for the KYC process, it is crucial to ensure everything is correct. When data mismatch between your documents and details you added to your profile, then the withdrawal request will also likely be delayed.

Contact Management Or A Head Office

There are cases where contacting higher authorities at the company is the best solution. In cases of Playamo withdrawal Australia, head office contact details can be used. This gives you an opportunity to contact management staff directly. There are cases where management can help to solve the issue that causes a delayed withdrawal faster compared to support consultants. When contacting management, be sure you are speaking to an account manager. Some companies use separate authorities for managing the deposit and withdrawal processes, however.

Use Email For Communication

While communicating with an online casino in regards to a delayed withdrawal, it is crucial to ensure everything is documented in the process. You need to ensure you use appropriate methods to record all communication between yourself and the company.

This ensures you have hard evidence in situations where the company does not admit to providing a specific statement. When you are faced with this type of case, you can present the email as evidence of communication between yourself and the staff members at the casino.

Consider The Involvement Of Third Parties

As a last option, you might sometimes need to get third-parties involved in the process. Before contacting an expert in the field, be sure to go through the other tips we shared first. You need to be certain that all your documents are in order, and that the fault does not lie on your side. The expert will be able to take a closer look at your account. At this point, you will also need to present all the recorded communication to the expert, as they will need to see what information had been shared thus far.


Having a pending withdrawal at an online casino can be inconvenient, especially if you depend on your winnings. There are cases where a casino refuses to pay as well, but it is important to understand the reasons behind such a move. Sometimes, your documents may not be in order – but there are cases where a delayed withdrawal lies with the casino and not your profile. Make sure you know what to do when a payment is delayed.

Bio: Jason Copley has been playing online casino games since 2016. In the past years, Jason has gained knowledge in the area of various online gambling activities. He now enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge to help others gain better chances for success.


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