What to know before getting a budget drawing tablet


There are many things that determine the quality and performance of a drawing tablet. These features contribute in making the ultimate best drawing tablets available at a perfect affordable price.

Here are a few things that you must consider when getting a budget drawing tablet.

  1. Pressure sensitivity:

The pressure sensitivity level of most drawing tablets range from 300 to 3000 levels. In simple words, the harder your press on the screen with the stylus, the more the pressure will be felt by the tablet’s screen and the thicker the line will be drawn upon the canvas.

The advantage of a higher pressure level drawing tablet is that when you are working on higher resolution projects, a drawing tablet with higher pressure level allows you to draw more clearly.

A higher pressure level will allow you to make fine distinctions in thickness of the lines. For beginners, a starting pressure sensitivity level of 1024 is perfect.

Yet if you are a professional who has a lot of experience at working on drawing tablets, or if you are an expert who have been using these tablets, a pressure level of 2048 is perfect for you.

  1. Size:

The two main important things when deciding on the size of the drawing tablet are;

  • The actual size of the tablet
  • The total working area of the tablet

The total size of the tablet includes the tablet casing and the surrounding area as well. The active area refers to the screen area on which you can draw. A big sized screen with a big active area will allow you to work on big drawings more easily without feeling the need to zoom-in or pan-in too much.

You must think about the type of job you do on the tablet screen and make sure that you choose a tablet with an active area which is large enough so that you can easily do your work.

As the active area is a very important feature of a laptop, make sure you don’t confuse it with actual size of the screen and confirm that the active area is according to your requirements. The total size incorporates the tablet casing and surrounding area as well.

If you like to work while on the go, it might be better to get a compact drawing tablet that is easier to carry around.

  1. Screen resolution:

Screen resolution refers to the lines per inch the tablets’ display has. It also includes the pressure the screen can detect from the stylus.

The higher the resolution per line, the more details you will be able to add to the drawing.

If you want higher resolution in a tablet, you must go for a larger one, as large screen sized tablets provide more screen resolution as compared to the small ones. Yet if you compare tablets with same screen size, then you will notice that there is only a minor difference between their resolutions.

  1. Responsiveness:

The speed by which the screen detects the stylus’s action and show it, is called the responsiveness of the tablet. In simpler words, the speed by which the lines which you are drawing on the screen as shown on the screen is called responsiveness.

The responsive of the tablets or computers depend on the driver of the system and the specs of the system, such as CPU, GPU, and RAM. In most cases, the response time of a drawing tablet is instantaneous.

The software installed in the system also plays an important role in the speed and responsiveness of the tablet. So before you decide to buy one tablet, you must investigate the type of software that is being installed in the tablet and the customers review on that. This will ensure that you don’t encounter any problems with it afterwards.

  1. Stylus type:

There are three main type of stylus that come with a drawing tablet; a battery powered stylus, an electro magnetic resonance stylus and a rechargeable stylus.

Battery powered styluses are thicker as they house the batteries inside them which allows them to operate, yet they can be a bit larger for small hands because they are big in size due to the space for batteries. If you are using a battery powered stylus, you will need to have a spare pair of batteries on hand every time, in case you ever run out of the old ones.

Rechargeable stylus on the other hand does not use removable batteries, rather they have built-in batteries that need to be recharged just like a phone or tablet. When the stylus runs out of battery, you just need to find a power source to charge them so that you can conveniently use the again. This type of stylus is slim in design and fits the hands easily.

The electro magnetic stylus is a modern innovation in the stylus types. EMR stylus uses a very remarkable electro magnetic frequency which wirelessly transfers power to the stylus from the tablet so you will not ever need to recharge them.

No matter which stylus type you use for your drawing tablet, you will be able ti draw just the same if the response rate of the tablet is good. Just make sure that the stylus you choose for your drawing tablet it easy to hold and its size fits your hand easily as you might be using the stylus for hours at a time and you don’t want to feel pain or the stylus slipping from your hand.

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  1. Controls:

Most attracting tablets empower you to alter catches on the tablet and on the pointer to play out specific activities. This can be a colossal efficient device, particularly when you have to as often as possible switch to and fro between undertakings.

The quantity of programmable catches and what you can program them to do will fluctuate by tablet.

So in the event that you realize you need a hotkey for a particular assignment simply ensure they have hot keys. More often than not you’ll have the option to program them for anything you need.

  1. Battery:

In case you will travel with your drawing tablet ensure it has a battery life of at least 3-4 hours.

Battery life will change dependent on a few elements including how you’re utilizing the tablet, the outside weather and the age of the battery.

Nothing amazing here except for it’s acceptable to in any event have a thought of the tablet’s absolute expected battery life on a solitary charge.

There was once a time when artists required proper art supplies to express impressions to their viewers. They needed canvas, paints, colors pallets and drawing pads in order to express their talent. Modern technology has changed this aspect of the life of an artist and made it easier for them to draw on their tablets.

These drawing tablets offer freedom and more control to their artist to draw whether they are at home, or any place else and they don’t need the mess of all those art supplies.


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